COVID 19 - Mobility Update

The spread of the corona virus represents a major challenge for the mobility and transport sector in Europe. DKV is supporting its customers in meeting this challenge. We have secured our business processes. Currently, all European DKV offices are 100% operational. We place maximum emphasis on protecting the health of our employees.

With our products for the fuel, toll and financial services sectors, we are contributing to the maintenance of mobility for logistics and fleet management at this crucial time.

All our products, especially fuel cards, can still be ordered or unlocked without delay. All toll boxes can still be ordered and will be delivered. All customer inquiries will be answered by mail and/or telephone. Our whole team is working with a high commitment to connect Europe, even in times of the corona virus.

DKV is closely monitoring the situation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This is an overview of how the rapidly developing situation may affect your business operations.

For further information, please use the self-service options of the DKV COCKPIT, which you can find in the login area of the DKV website.


Situation on the European borders is easing

The rampant coronavirus makes intra-European border traffic a permanent topic. After days of mega-jams at many borders, the situation calmed further on Sunday - at many crossings the police recorded extremely few vehicles. However, controls designed to slow down the spread of the virus remained in place.


Truck drivers find it difficult to maintain personal hygiene these days, as they are denied access to toilets and/or showers in many places. However, the trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull sticks to the existing offer at most locations. Drivers who pick up trailers or deliver goods have access to showers and sanitary facilities which are cleaned regularly. There are also notices on the topics of hygiene and keeping distance. Exceptions are countries such as Italy, where the state authorities prescribe otherwise.

Source: DVZ


DocStop calls upon freight forwarders, shippers, petrol stations and other companies to allow professional drivers free access to their toilets and showers. In addition the association created the action SaniStop. The enterprises, which want to help drivers on the way, can announce themselves under with address of the parking lot. According to DocStop, all SaniStop participants can be found under

Source: Eurotransport


Driving times vary in part throughout Europe: Last week, many states, without consulting the EU Commission, adopted partly different regulations on flexible driving times. In Germany, there was a decree from the Federal Ministry of Transport which the FOPH specified once again. For the time being, this one is only valid until April 17. More information:

Source: Eurotransport


According to EU Commissioner Adina Valean, the extensive border controls in the Schengen area, which is actually free of controls, introduced as a result of the Corona crisis, are likely to be further extended. She does not expect the countries to discontinue border controls at short notice, the Transportation Commissioner told the newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" on Wednesday. "On the contrary. I think it's only a matter of time before all states introduce border controls, whether we like it or not." In the meantime, more than half of the 26 Schengen states have introduced strict border controls, including Germany. Valean therefore urges countries to be as flexible as possible. At the moment it is not important whether a permit or a document has expired or not. In addition, he said, it was important to avoid trucks being checked both on leaving and entering the country.

Source: dpa, Verkehrsrundschau


UPS Service Notifications: Weather, natural disasters and other circumstances beyond our control may occasionally disrupt our services. If there is an active service interruption, it will be indicated in the link below.



Dangerous goods: training certificates are valid longer

There are facilitations for all modes of transport. Because there are no training courses and examinations at present because of the corona crisis, training certificates are now valid until the end of November. The inspection intervals for tanks have also been rectified: August 30 is now the deadline. (Source: DVZ)


DKV Assist

DKV Assist, the DKV's emergency hotline, is available to all callers as usual. If employees or entire offices in individual countries are unavailable, calls are automatically forwarded in accordance with the emergency plan. Breakdown assistance will continue to be offered throughout Europe, although there may be a delay due to the temporary closure of individual partner offices. At present, vehicles from most European countries can no longer be repatriated until further notice due to entry restrictions. In addition, the towing partners were given the option of waiving the transport of the accident victims (drivers) in the breakdown service / towing vehicle in the current situation.

Quelle: DKV Product Management Vehicle Services


Rental Services

All DKV partners offer their rental services as usual. Some partners demonstrate disinfection of the cockpit when returning the vehicle. You can request more detailed information directly from the partner.

Quelle: DKV Product Management Vehicle Services


HAC implemented safety measures for employees so many of them work preventively from home. During further period our sales offices are open from Monday to Friday from 8am till 4pm, and POS Ogulin and Zagvozd are closed. There have been updates in discount for vehicles of the III and IV category for euro emission class EURO VI in a way that EURO VI vehicles are granted for additional discount of 7% . The new benefits can be realise only if the ETC is coded for EURO VI, otherwise the ETC device along with the matching documentation must be presented in POS for coding in our system to EURO VI class. This additional discount starts from 1.4.2020.

Quelle: HAC - Mautbetreiber


Tolling operations in Serbia continue despite curfew (since 15.03.20). Trucks may continue to drive through Serbia. JUGOEXSIM continues to collect tolls as usual, operations at border crossings also continue (24/7)

There are sufficient OBUs at all contact points to supply customers. All contractual obligations of JUGOEXSIM towards DKV will continue to be fulfilled.

Source: Supplier Jugoexsim (Toll Serbia)


The Bulgarian state has stopped foreign transit for the time being and currently only allows traffic within the internal market. This means that, with immediate effect, the operator can no longer send OBUs to non-Bulgarian customers. The registration team will continue to collect OBU registrations from the operator, but will prioritise Bulgarian customers.

Regardless of the vehicle (Bulgarian, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, etc.) the driver must remain in quarantine for 14 days if he comes from EU countries and is unloaded/loaded in Bulgaria. Transit trucks are grouped in convoys and then accompanied by police to the other border crossing.

While waiting at the border the truck drivers can buy a route pass.

Source: DKV Team Project Toll Bulgaria


Berlin. Demands to suspend the truck toll were rejected by Scheuer. He said the toll was not an issue for him, because it hit everyone equally. He said there were other ways to help the industry.

Source: Verkehrsrundschau


The European Load Association of International Freight Forwarders (Elvis) is calling on the German government to suspend the truck toll during the Corona crisis. Already on Friday, the association wrote an open letter to the Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU). In order to quickly provide financial relief to freight forwarders, Elvis is therefore calling for the truck toll on German highways to be waived with retroactive effect from March 1.

Source: Verkehrsrundschau

We ensure - continuously charging.@work - @ home

Pre-checks, installations, put into operation / technical support on site will continue to be carried out by our partners. Additional measures were coordinated to avoid taking unnecessary risks from the on-site appointments. The installers are encouraged to ask the customer whether they are in quarantine before their scheduled appointments. If this is the case, the appointment will be canceled. If the customer is not in quarantine, the customer should decide whether the appointment should take place or not. All installers are sensitized to safety measures and hygiene and have e.g. their cars equipped with disinfectants, hand washing facilities etc.

In addition, attention is paid to the safety distance when working on site. Before a customer comes to the premises for an acceptance report, waiting times are planned after mutual coordination on site.

Charging network availability - @road We have no restriction of the public DKV charging network.

Quelle/Source: DKV eMobility Services


Current situation in European land transport

We are doing our utmost to provide you with up-to-date information on the situation regarding the coronavirus, but we would ask you also to keep yourself informed about the development of the overall situation from reports in the media

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