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Questions and answers about the new eCharge + app

    The new eCharge+ app

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    The scope for further development of the DKV APP +Charge/NOVOFLEET APP +Charge was limited because of the technologies on which they were based. We decided to make a new app available to our customers to offer a higher security standard and improved stability of use. The eCharge+ App from our cooperation partner innogy has numerous benefits.

    The switch to the eCharge+ App offers many, above all technical advantages. The authorisation process can be started directly from the app, so that customers will no longer have to scan an additional QR code in future. In addition, the charging points prices and availability are displayed in real-time. Navigation to selected stations has been improved compared with the old app. In addition to the technical advantages, the number of charging points customers can use in Europe has doubled from 30,000 to over 60,000. Moreover, the new app provides us with a better starting point for developing new, user-controlled functionalities.

    DKV customers (ISO code 704310) will not need a new card. Only the app and the associated login process will change. NOVOFLEET +Charge customers will receive a replacement card and their previous card will cease to be valid.

    The DKV APP +Charge and the NFT App +Charge will stop displaying charging points on 15.04.2020, which means they can no longer be used for authorisation.

    The new eCharge+ App in a DKV design and a suitably modified registration process will be available from 16.03.2020 in the usual app stores. The two apps will run in parallel until 15.04.2020.

    Registration starts on 16.03.2020.

    Registration is done in Cockpit. New users (cardholders) can be created in the system. All that is needed is the complete card number, name and e-mail address of the new user.

    Alternatively, a registration e-mail containing the complete card number, name and e-mail address of the user can be sent to: app-login@dkv-mobility.com. You will receive a temporary password within 3 working days of us receiving your registration. This temporary password must be reset during your first login

    Please send an e-mail containing the complete card number, name and e-mail address of the user to: app-login@dkv-mobility.com. A new password will then be generated. You will receive a new temporary password within 3 working days. This temporary password must be reset during your first login.

    Please send a block e-mail containing the complete card number, name and e-mail address of the user to: app-login@dkv-mobility.com. DKV will send you confirmation of the block.

    The new app is the eCharge+ App (from our cooperation partner innogy) in a DKV design.

    There are android and iOS versions of the app in the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Polish and Dutch.

    The charging transaction can be initiated as usual by holding the card in front of the RFID reader. Alternatively, if there is no RFID reader, you will be able to initiate the charging transaction directly from the app. Authorisation takes place automatically via the app login.

    No, in future it will not be necessary to scan a QR code.

    The charging transaction can be ended via the car as usual or simply in the app (End charging process).

    All charging transactions are invoiced through your DKV invoice.

    Your DKV CARD is automatically stored in the app as the payment medium when you register. Of course, the app allows you to add further means of payment. However, invoicing of amounts paid by other means of payment is not possible via your DKV invoice.

    Charging stations operators offer various ways of activating a charging transaction. If there is an RFID reader, you can simply hold the card on the reader for authorisation. If there is no reader, you can activate through the app.

    Only a private box can be registered in the app. If you have an @home or @work solution from your employer, it cannot be added as a charging point.

    The EMAID is your e-mobility identification number, which is normally used for support requests. Please use your EMAID for identification if you contact the charging point operator from the charging station.


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