Cookie Notice

Cookie Notice

What are cookies and why does DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co.KG use them?

Cookies are small pieces of data. When you access our server, these pieces of data are automatically saved on your computer and stored on its hard disk. On your next visit to our website, it can tell from the saved cookie that you have previously visited our website and recalls the settings you chose.

These cookies have advantages for you. Data about the information you viewed can be stored on a cookie, so that the next time you visit our website, it can respond in accordance with your particular interests and requirements.

The protection of your personal data is very important to us. We are committed to taking all technical and organisational measures to ensure the optimum protection for your data. More detailed information is available here in our privacy statement.

How can cookies be disabled?

You can quickly and easily modify your browser settings to disable cookies. However, you should be aware that disabling cookies results in some information no longer being stored on the website.


1. Open the Firefox browser. .

2. Right click on the page and select “View Page Info” from the context menu.

3. Go to the “Permissions” section in the page information window.

4. Under the item “Set Cookies”, deactivate the box at the side of “Use Default”.

5. Change the setting to “Block”.

Google Chrome

1. Open Google Chrome.

2. Click on “Settings”.

3. Click on “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.

4. Click on the option “Content settings” in the “Privacy” section.

5. By clicking on “Manage exceptions”, you can specify how cookies from specific websites should be handled.

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the “Tools” tab and then on “Internet options”.

3. Click on the “Privacy” tab.

4. Click on “Sites”. Enter the address of a website in the “Address of website:” box. Use the “Block” or “Allow” button to set how this site should handle cookies.


1. Open Safari.

2. Under the item “Safari”, select “Preferences” (top left) and click on “Privacy”.

3. In “Accept cookies”, you can specify whether and when Safari should accept cookies from websites. For more information, click on Help (question mark in the box at the bottom right).