DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group - You drive, we care.

Since decades DKV is one of the true hidden champions of the mobility industry. With our smart mobility solutions, we connect businesses and lives across Europe. Our DKV fuel cards secure mobility ever where you go, on the base of Europe’s biggest station network. With our toll and refund solutions we enable borderless logistics and transportation.

And we are stepping-up to the next level: In times of digitization and climate change DKV aims to continue its tradition as the one mobility service provider who keeps its customers driving.

We are currently connecting the biggest independent loading-station network for e-mobility in Europe.

By using our DKV Climate Card every fleet in Europe can be managed fully CO2-neutral, and with our new digital and financial services we create fully new possibilities for our customers. To save time, costs and CO2.

You drive, we care.


Charging network doubled: DKV cooperates with EVBox

DKV CARD + CHARGE now offers access to around 60,000 charging pointsy

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Digital logistics: DKV acquires STYLETRONIC

IoT-based platform solution to offer supply chain visibility for carriers.

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DKV appoints Jarco de Bruin as new Director Financial Services

De Bruin will develop financial services at DKV / Over 20 years of experience at ING

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Management of the DKV Group


Marco van Kalleveen is responsible as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DKV Euro Service and DKV Holding for all aspects of the toll business and for the areas of digital solutions, marketing, market development and strategy. Follow him on LinkedIn


Peter Meier is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of DKV Euro Service and DKV Holding, in this position he is responsible for the areas of IT, operations and project management office. Follow him on LinkedIn



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The energy shift is changing our market. We see this as an opportunity and want to shape it together with our customers and partners.

For us, this means living sustainability internally and externally. Internally, by operating in a climate-neutral manner and by assuming our social responsibility. Externally, by supporting our customers in times of the energy revolution and providing them with appropriate products and services. Our clear objective is to become the "Lead in Green" in our industry.

In times of digitization and climate change DKV aims to continue its tradition as the one mobility service provider who keeps its customers driving – against the background of a dramatically changing transportation/logistics sector.

  • We are currently building-up the biggest independent loading-station network for e-mobility in Europe.
  • As of today, every fleet in Europe can be managed fully CO2-free on the base of a DKV compensation model.
  • Regarding the heavy-weight truck industry, we have fully new digital services in preparation that will next to Track&Trace and ETA also offer CO2 saving assistant systems for truck drivers.
  • In future, we will also include some actions on the field of synthetic fuels.

How slow or fast the transformation of the transportation/logistics sector will move on – as customer of DKV we will connect you to a variety of possibilities: Diesel with compensation, e-mobility, synthetic fuels in future, digital state-of-the art services which will not only create new transparency but will have also a huge impact on CO2.

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Your career at the DKV Mobility Services Group

With us there are many ways to success. Regardless of whether you already start with us with professional experience or immediately after you graduate from school. Become part of a dedicated and enthusiastic team that helps shape commercial mobility across Europe with smart and service-oriented solutions.

The headquarters of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group are home to more than 500 colleagues from IT, sales, finance and other central departments and functions of our group. The modern open-space concept with wireless network access as well as retreat, project and meeting rooms is very much in our opinion of real teamwork. In practice, this means: faster communication, more productive work and shorter coordination channels.

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Members of the DKV Mobility Services Group

DKV Euro Service

DKV Euro Services is one of the leading B2B mobility service providers in Europe. We manage fleets and vehicle fleets for more than 200,000 customers in over 40 countries, rely on pioneering digital mobility solutions and assume responsibility for the environment and climate protection.


The DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Business Centre brings together all the central services required for successful market operations. These include information management, finance, human resources, marketing, purchasing, legal, project management and other supporting functions and departments.


Founded as a start-up by Martin El Shamaa in 2005, STYLETRONIC is located in Kufstein (Austria). With the acquisition of STYLETRONIC, DKV is consequently continuing its digitisation strategy. Based on this cooperation, DKV and STYLETRONIC will launch joint solutions for transparency along the supply chain.

Alpha Transport Service

Over the last 30 years Alpha Transport Service (ATS) has developed into a leading international partner of transport companies, oil companies and fuel card providers in the field of Refund Services. Since 2019, the company based in Alphen aan den rijn, has been part of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group.


REMOBIS Refund Service, based in Utrecht, is one of the leading service providers for tax refunds in Europe. Our international team takes care of VAT and mineral oil tax refunds for customers from all over Europe. More


LUNADIS takes care of all services that do not concern the direct continuation of transport services. These include rental services during peak periods (including toll payment for rental vehicles) as well as security services (e.g. when cash is needed immediately). More

Alpha Commercial Finance

Alpha Commercial Finance (ACF) is a leading, bank-independent provider of factoring services based in Alphen an de rijn and has been part of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group since 2019. With its financial services, ACF helps its clients to operate in a commercially sustainable manner and to minimize the risk of insolvency due to outstanding debts.