DKV Euro Service Responsibility

DKV Euro Service Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainable into the future

Economic, ecological and social responsibility form the foundation of the way we do business as a company. We would like to set a good example in this respect, which is why we are committed to offering our customers services and products that take ecological-, economic and social sustainability into account. We also expect our suppliers to contribute to these efforts and exert a positive influence in their spheres of activity.


DKV core themes

Much good has been done – much is still to do. Some of the measures we have taken as part of the DKV sustainability strategy are given below. An extensive overview of all sustainability measures can be found in the current CSR Report (PDF).



With the help of the DKV CARD CLIMATE, DKV customers have offset around 24,482 tonnes CO₂ in 2017. To make this commitment recognisable by those outside the company, DKV Euro Service and the non-profit foundation myclimate offer certification. This will attest to the complete offsetting of CO₂ emissions by the investment of an additional amount in certified climate protection projects with every litre drawn.

Further information

The Hybrid card DKV CARD +CHARGE

Alternative drives are gaining momentum in the automobile and transport industries. This includes electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. With the DKV CARD+CHARGE, DKV offers a further plus point: battery charging! Vehicles can be quickly and easily recharged at numerous publicly accessible charging stations.

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The Eco Performance Award

Since 2007, the Eco Performance Award has been one of the leading awards for innovative and field-proven sustainability concepts in the commercial road transport industry in Europe. The prize is awarded annually to companies with exceptional sustainable performance in the commercial goods and private haulage transport sectors.

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Climate-neutral DKV company headquarters

Our headquarters in Ratingen sets a good example to all in our region and beyond in terms of its sustainability. We use geothermal energy, which covers a significant proportion of our heating requirements with a regenerative energy carrier. We have been offsetting all of our CO₂ emissions at our headquarters in Ratingen since 2013.

For further information see the CSR Report (PDF)


DocStop für Europäer e.V.

Lack of parking space, inconvenient hours and organisational problems make it extremely difficult for truck drivers to visit a doctor on the road. DKV has supported the “DocStop for Europeans” initiative for many years. Coach and truck drivers who require medical help en route now have quick and convenient access to 700 medical practitioners (XLSX), clinics and hospitals that have volunteered their services to the scheme.

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DKV Karriere

Training and education

Every year we offer young people training with the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group, mainly in the form of combined study and learning at work. In our programme, they learn about various relevant fields of work at DKV. We do our best to employ them after they have completed their training. Our values of integrity, the will to succeed, co-operation and responsibility also form the foundation for co-operative and productive working relationships.

DKV Fischer Stiftung

The Fischer Foundation

The Fischer Foundation was established in February 2010 and supports socially engaged employees of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group. Through the Fischer Foundation, children’s nurseries, schools, social facilities and sports clubs have received more than EUR 100,000 in sponsorship over the years.

The DKV CSR Report

The report creates transparency for DKV stakeholders and forms the foundation for the measurement and documentation of our sustainability success in future years. In summary: Our CSR report provides a basis for the continuous further development of CSR measures at DKV.

CSR Report 2019 (PDF)
DKV Environmental policy (PDF)

CSR-Bericht DKV