GoMa 6.3 Software Update DKV BOX EUROPE
Instruction for Driver

Attention: During the installation process, you are not allowed to drive through any affected toll domain.

STEP 1: Download of software = approx. 60-90 min ➔ NO TASK FOR DRIVER

STEP 2: OBU “sleep” modus = After 30 min of inactivity of OBU. The OBU will then automatically restart (reboot). ➔ NO TASK FOR DRIVER

STEP 3: Installation of software = approx. 5-10 min ➔ NO TASK FOR DRIVER;

The duration of the download depends on the network availability/coverage and other

parameter such as:

  • Type of installation (fixed or flexible).
  • Location of the vehicle: toll domain in which the vehicle is during the OTA update.
  • The strength of the GPS and mobile network signals.
  • The usage (short or long drive)

During the software update the OBU cannot be used for tolling.

OBU screen messages during installation:

  • Wait until the OBU is completely rebooted and the light shows green or yellow before driving.
  • Leave the OBU permanently on power supply.

Please revert back to the national tolling solution and contact DKV with the exact description and image displayed on the OBU with OBU ID (sticker of OBU backside).

  • Warning message with beep when battery level reaches 25% and 10% (user has to press “ok” to get back to the normal display) (see screen)
  • New menu items „Axles trailer“ and „Weight DEbag“ are always visible, independent of booked service.
battery low

(1) Access the main menu

(2) Select “OBU information”

(3) Select “Release information”

(4) Confirm by pressing the right OBU button

  • To enter the menu, press one of the four keys on the navigation button (>, <, ˄, ˅) for more than 2 seconds.
  • After the OBU has booted the start display is shown.
  • To retrieve the stored information, use the navigation button to select various menu items and to scroll through the different menus.
Main menu
  • There is an information screen, if a value has been modified without saving: “Value not changed”.
  • Bug fix: If user re-enters the axles or weight change menu without leaving the menu, completely the last saved value is shown.

No. The new update will not change the language setting.