GoMa 6.2 Software Update DKV BOX EUROPE
Instruction for Fleet Manager

Attention: During the installation process, the driver is not allowed to drive through any affected toll domain.


  • Various improvements and stabilization of the system and OBU performance
  • Axle change in one service is valid for all services
  • Clearer display menu and integration of EURO emission class
  • Yellow LED light with a new message


  • The Software package will take approximately 60 to 90 minutes to download onto the device with a good GPS signal.
  • In case the (2G) communication is interrupted during the download or the vehicle is driving through a tunnel, the OBU will re-establish the connection and continue with the download. However download will take a bit longer but the OBU stays fully operational.
  • The installation of the software will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes during the sleep mode of the device.


What is new on the display screen?

Newly introduced Yellow LED is shown when:

  • The OBU is not yet personalized,
  • The toll service for the location (in which the vehicle is currently located) is not (yet) booked/active,
  • There is no electronic tolling system in this area (e.g. the Netherlands),
  • The toll service is not available for this OBU.
  • Waiting for GPS Signal

Overview LED Signals

Please click on the corresponding number.

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Examples of OBU screen per country

The OBU receives Software updates Over-The-Air (OTA) which is triggered by DKV.

The OBU downloads automatically the update in the background and store it in the OBU while the OBU is powered on. At the end of the download, the OBU is ready to finalize the installation of the new software version.The time needed for the download of the OTA update depends on the following parameters:

  • Type of installation (fixed or flexible) Fixed Installation is highly recommended.
  • Location of the vehicle: toll domain in which the vehicle is during the OTA update
  • The strength of the GPS and mobile network signals
  • The usage (short or long drive)

1. If the OBU is plugged in to the power socket (and not running on battery), the vehicle in a location with good GPS and mobile network reception, the download of update will take from 60 to 90 minutes.

2. After the download is completed, the OBU needs to reboot to finalize the installation of the new software.

3. When the vehicle is parked, the OBU would normally go to "sleep mode" after 30 minutes. In case an update is waiting to be installed, then instead of going to sleep the OBU is automatically restarted (reboot).

4. This reboot finalises the installation of the new Software version and lasts usually between 5 and 10 minutes. During the installation, the vehicle should not drive on the toll road network (LED ring is not green).

5. After the installation is complete the normal start screen is displayed (or if no GPS signal, then the message "no GPS-signal" is displayed).

6. For all unsuccessful installation, drivers must revert back to the national tolling solution and contact DKV with the exact description and image of the OBU display

(Warning) It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the OBU led is green when driving on a subscribed tolled network.

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DKV BOX EUROPE Software Update
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