DKV Euro Service: Press releases & news

DKV Euro Service: Press releases & news

Stay informed of current events and news regarding DKV Euro Service. Our press releases will keep you up to date!

Pressemitteilungen und News
18.05.2017press release

Digital fleet card paves the way for flexible fleet management

Q1 Energie AG and DKV Euro Service work together in mobile payment project

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09.05.2017press release

BODAN Großhandel für Naturkost GmbH and InstaFreight GmbH win Eco Performance Award 2017

First time for Startups category in Eco Performance Award / Panel discussion on "Startups in the logistics industry" / Event celebrates 10th anniversary

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03.05.2017press release

TOP SERVICE 2017: DKV awarded Germany’s most customer-focused service provider in the “Transport and Logistics” category

Transport services provider takes 7th place in Germany’s TOP SERVICE competition and is sector winner in the “Transport and Logistics” category

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25.04.2017press release

Toll: Balkan transit routes covered

As first foreign provider DKV Euro Service bills Croatian toll via post payment

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21.04.2017press release

transport logistic 2017: DKV presents numerous new products

New card for tax-free extra salary / cross-border toll billing via DKV BOX EUROPE / prepaid function for DKV customer account / DKV acceptance points integrated into TomTom navigation devices / Announcement: DKV to cooperate with kasasi (NIC GmbH)

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13.04.2017press release

Toll4Europe GmbH commences business: The joint venture company for Europe-wide toll settlements using only one box has started

T-Systems International GmbH, Daimler AG and DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG have founded their joint venture company for the development and provision of the European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) for vehicles with more than 3.5 t. All responsible competition authorities had previously given their approval for the joint venture.

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14.03.2017press release

DKV and FEDEMAC continue their partnership through 2017 as well

European cooperation for communication directed at removal companies

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14.02.2017press release

DKV BOX ITALIA passes extensive tests by AISCAT

DKV Euro Service GmbH + Co. KG has reached an important milestone in the development of the DKV BOX ITALIA, which will allow invoicing of all Italian tolls in accordance with the European standard (EETS standard): the device has passed the main conformance and usability tests of the Italian Association of Toll Motorways and Tunnels Concessionaire Companies (AISCAT).

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30.01.2017press release

DKV Group reports another record year

With a rise in sales from EUR 5.8 to 6.3 billion, the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group in spite of low fuel prices follows up 2015 with yet another record result in business year 2016 – once again the most successful year in the firm’s 80-year history.

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27.12.2016press release

DKV seeks good eco-performers

Closing date for applications for the 10th Eco Performance Award is 31.01.2017

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30.11.2016press release

DKV Euro Service Benelux triples its Irish service network

DKV Euro Service, prominent service provider in the transport and logistics area, has extended its Irish service network so far consisting of 75 acceptance points, to over 225 acceptance points. To realise this, DKV concluded an agreement with Topaz Energy Limited (Topaz), which in 2015 also acquired ownership of ESSO Ireland.

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27.10.2016press release

High-quality, price attractive and winterproof diesel: DKV and Gazpromneft-Corporate Sales start strategical cooperation

Gazpromneft-Corporate Sales, fuel card operator of Russia’s fourth largest oil producer Gazprom Neft, and DKV Euro Service, Europe’s leading service card and toll provider, join forces and start a strategical cooperation. From 27.10.2016, the DKV CARD is additionally accepted at 1.169 Gazprom Neft filling stations in Russia.

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27.10.2016press release

T-Systems, Daimler and DKV plan joint venture for European truck toll system

T-Systems International GmbH, Daimler AG and DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co. KG plan to work together to develop and deliver European Electronic Toll Services ("EETS") across the whole of Europe.

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27.10.2016press release

DKV offers real-time price information for France

Market transparency for fuels is no longer just a German phenomenon

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27.10.2016press release

DKV supports DocStop Petition

Request for DocStop sign to be on all motorway signs

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23.09.2016press release

Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG and Berliner Stadtreinigung win Eco Performance Award 2016

The jury of renowned industry representatives has made its decision again: for the ninth time, on 22 September in the Peppermint Pavilion in Hanover, the sought-after sustainability award was presented to companies with a leading role in sustainability. Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG impressed the jury of experts in the small and medium-sized businesses category.

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09.08.2016press release

DKV takes part in “Role and Place of Intelligent Transport Systems in Toll Highway Network of the Russian Federation. Current Development Trends”

The 3rd International Conference “Role and Place of Intelligent Transport Systems in Toll Highway Network of the Russian Federation. Current Development Trends” will be arranged and held in St. Petersburg on September 7-9, 2016 by the «Russian Highways» State Company (Avtodor).

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26.07.2016press release

Legally compliant through France

DKV helps you handle your proof of minimum wage formalities.

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25.07.2016press release

DKV Euro Service partners with Girteka Logistics

DKV EURO SERVICE GmbH + Co.KG and Girteka Logistics have signed an agreement enabling DKV to effectively present the new DKV CARD design on 220 Girteka Logistics semi-trailers.

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Conversion of the Belarusian ruble on 30.06.2016

The BelTol system will not be available from 30 June, 21:00 till 1 July 2016, 04:00, due to the preparation for the changeover of the Belarusian ruble on June 30.

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21.06.2016press release

DKV redesigns online platform

All social media channels gathered on one clear website

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01.06.2016press release

DKV bills regional toll routes (Pskov) in Russia

Since May 24th 2016 DKV has extended its network in Russia. Next to the excisting routes in Russia (PLATON), it is now also possible to settle toll-routes to Estonia, Latvia and Belarus in the Pskov region.

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20.04.2016press release

Non-stop through Slovenia

DKV EURO SERVICE offers post-pay process for Slovenian toll

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18.04.2016press release

DKV online toll registration impresses at the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT AWARDS

The DKV online toll registration was recently awarded the title “Best of” at the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2016 awards in the category Internet Service. With this annual prize the Initiative Mittelstand recognises IT solutions of medium-sized business that are innovative and useful.

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05.04.2016press release

Faster route through the English West Midlands

DKV Euro Service customers can now pay cash-free for the English M6toll using the DKV CARD. The toll applies to all vehicles and covers a 27 mile (43 kilometre) length of road.

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31.03.2016press release

DKV registers 115,000th OBU on behalf of Koopman Cargo

Koopman Cargo has chosen for DKV to register and settle their new Belgian kilometre charges.

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16.02.2016press release

Uniform toll payment all over Europe

In time to come, European electronic tolls service EETS intends to establish a uniform on-board unit (OBU) for all EU-countries. This will come as a relief primarily to all truckers, who often need several toll boxes on their European trips so far. Although the EETS-project was originally due for completion by 2012, it was grounded as a result of strict EU-instructions and frequently irreconcilable local preconditions. Jürgen Steinmeyer, tolls division director at DKV Euro Service, is firmly convinced that a solution leading up to a uniform European tolls service will inevitably be one that is supported by all EU Member States together.

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28.01.2016press release

CSR Manager at the DKV Group

At the start of the year, Sabine Nixtatis (33) took up the newly created position of CSR Manager at the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group.

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17.11.2015press release

DKV valid for tolls in Russia

Russian tolls charged by operator "PLATON" can be paid by DKV Card

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09.11.2015press release

Belgium Toll: ”Guaranteed customer service takes absolute priority”

DKV Euro Service employs Satellic Box for settlement of new Belgian toll

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02.11.2015press release

DKV extends supply network in Eastern Europe

Fuel and service card provider signs up over 500 fuel stations in Russia and Belarus for end of year.

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19.10.2015press release

DKV customers can pay for Liber-t

Mobility service provider expands range of services for France

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16.10.2015press release

Gazpromneft-Corporate Sales and DKV enter a strategic partnership agreement

Gazpromneft-Corporate Sales and DKV Euro Service entered a Strategic Partnership Agreement in selling petrol by fuel cards. Gazpromneft-Corporate Sales CEO Dmitry Guzeev, DKV Euro Service Managing Directors Dr. Werner Grünewald and Dr. Alexander Hufnagl signed the document.

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Eurovignettes: a summary of all facts

The Eurovignette is a certificate for trucks of 12 t MGW and over, it is mandatory when using motorways in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Denmark and Sweden, and as such a way of toll levying. How exactly does it function, and what are the costs involved?

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DKV BOX now accepted at the Herren Tunnel, Lübeck

Since the start of 2015, DKV customers have been able to pay the tunnel fees for the Herren Tunnel, Lübeck, cash-free using the DKV BOX.

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29.09.2014press release

DKV Euro Service offers fuel card for carbon-neutral refueling

Wherever we drive, we emit CO₂. How a transport company deals with these emissions is questioned and proof demanded more and more often by business partners. Emissions can be avoided or reduced up to a certain level, e.g. by driver training, vehicle servicing and intelligent route planning.

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