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DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

09.05.2017 back press release

BODAN Großhandel für Naturkost GmbH and InstaFreight GmbH win Eco Performance Award 2017

First time for Startups category in Eco Performance Award / Panel discussion on "Startups in the logistics industry" / Event celebrates 10th anniversary

The jury of experts drawn from renowned representatives of industry has met and once more made its decision: on 8 May 2017, in the Leonardo Royal Hotel, Munich, the coveted sustainability prize was awarded for the tenth time to companies shown to be pioneers in matters of sustainability. In the "Small and mid-sized Companies" category, BODAN Großhandel für Naturkost GmbH won over the jury, while InstaFreight GmbH met with success in the newly created "Startups" category. In addition to the winners, Alpensped GmbH Internationale Logistik, Saloodo! GmbH, Fercam AG, Caffrey International Ltd. Ireland and LOSTnFOUND AG excelled by being nominated for the award. The Eco Performance Award is an independent quality seal endowed by DKV Euro Service and its premium partners Knorr-Bremse and the PTV Group. Technical guidance for the award is provided by the Chair of Logistics Management of the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.

BODAN Großhandel für Naturkost GmbH: 0% emissions by 2020

BODAN Großhandel für Naturkost GmbH, a food transport specialist operating throughout Germany, was awarded top prize in the Small and mid-sized Companies category. Key to the expert jury's decision were the ambitious goals of the company, its highly detailed description of the required measures – and their consistent and demonstrable implementation. By 2020, the company intends to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet to zero. This is to be achieved by replacing the diesel up to now used for transport refrigeration and fuelling the vehicles by a diesel substitute. The company is introducing hybrid and natural gas powered trucks as a form of bridging technology. The latter will also be fuelled in part by biogas from food waste. To increase utilisation of its trucks, the company undertakes goods deliveries, pickups and road haulage on behalf of others, thus reducing the CO₂ emitted and the cost per transport unit.

InstaFreight GmbH: Digitisation of the supply chain

The winner in the Startups category – InstaFreight GmbH – is a specialist in track and trace/visibility and fleet scheduling/operational control of vehicles. Customers are able to book transport online and immediately through the InstaFreight platform. The InstaFreight solution was particularly persuasive because of the exemplary way it covered all three pillars of sustainability. The system has been shown to improve driver performance and utilisation by up to 15%. In addition, it reduces CO2 emissions because it is based on existing telematics and therefore does away with the need to upgrade equipment. The solution also has a social benefit by taking the driver's working conditions into account (e.g. route scheduling and localisation).

The evening event also included a panel discussion on the subject of "Startups in the logistics industry". The Eco Performance Award 2017 ceremony also sounds the starting pistol for the coming application phase for the next competition. Interested companies can apply immediately with their summary applications for the Eco Performance Award 2018 at