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DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

12.07.2017 back press release

Electromobility: Cooperation between DKV Group and ubitricity

Intelligent charging cable ensures correct billing at home and at work.

With commercial car fleets, both the refuelling of cars with combustion engines and the charging of electric and hybrid vehicles have to be recorded and settled correctly. In order to ensure this, not only at public charging points but also at home and at work, DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group – with its market companies DKV and NOVOFLEET – will cooperate in the future with experts ubitricity for the charging and billing infrastructure.

When doing so, the mobility service provider will rely among other things on Ubitricity’s intelligent charging cable with an integrated mobile electric meter. This records all charging transactions to the standards required by German measuring law (Eichrecht) and transfers the data by mobile network to a billing system. The charging transactions are combined on a monthly basis in a clear invoice and then billed. Sven Mehringer, Director of Fuel / Vehicle Services at DKV, states “ubitricity’s intelligent charging cable is the perfect complement to our hybrid cards DKV CARD +CHARGE and NOVOFLEET Card +CHARGE”.

“With our card products, our customers currently have access to around 5,500 charging points in Germany which can be used by any vehicle. The cooperation with Ubitricity will enable DKV and NOVOFLEET to record and bill correctly and to the standards required by German measuring law.”

Ubitricity also offers a comprehensive portfolio so that the appropriate charging infrastructure can be provided. Charging at work can be allocated precisely to the respective

vehicle. Charging at home is being settled in more and more network regions in Germany by so-called energy clearing where corresponding agreements have been concluded; i.e. the amount for the charging is deducted from the electricity bill of the company car holder.