DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

17.07.2017 back press release

Fuel card security: DKV adds security features to customer account

Flexible limit control / Card can be temporarily deactivated and reactivated / Individual alerts

DKV Euro Service has added new fuel card security features to its electronic customer account DKV COCKPIT. For example, DKV customers can from now on set flexible credit limits per card in line with their fuel supply needs. Every card can also be temporarily deactivated and reactivated. If customers would not only like to set credit limits, but also be informed whenever the card is used or a wrong PIN is entered, DKV eREPORTING provides an email alert function. Alternatively, the user can monitor use of the card with a live list display.

“When it comes to fuel card security, despite all of the general security precautions, the customer’s vigilance is a crucial factor,” stated DKV Product Manager Felix Rothermundt. “By adding these features to the DKV COCKPIT, we would like to give our customers the opportunity to adjust their security settings in line with their fuelling behaviour and personal needs.”