DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

27.07.2017 back press release

Europe-wide toll payment: DKV BOX EUROPE made by Siemens

Convenient online registration / over-the-air configuration / plug and play solution, no need for installation in specialist workshop / manual adjustment of the number of axles

The DKV BOX EUROPE, which will be offered by DKV Euro Service from 2018, is based on the latest generation Sitraffic Sensus Unit made by Siemens. It is equipped with hybrid tolling technology; i.e. it can record and calculate both DSRC and GNSS-based tolls (Dedicated Short Range Communications and Global Navigation Satellite System). “Many of the boxes on the market do not meet all of the technical requirements for Europe-wide toll payment, for example compatibility with the Italian toll system, and may therefore need to be replaced again,” explained Jürgen Steinmeyer, Director of Toll at DKV Euro Service. “The DKV BOX EUROPE on the other hand meets the latest requirements of all EU member states and will be able to be used in future throughout Europe.”

The user can install the on-board unit himself and swap it between vehicles. There is no need for time-consuming installation or modification in a specialist workshop. The toll registration and country activation are done conveniently via the DKV online portal. The data is transmitted over the air to the OBU, boxes no longer need to be replaced in the case of a change of vehicle. This saves a lot of time and administration and the user remains flexible. The aim is to be able to pay tolls in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland and France for the market launch in 2018. Also in time for the market launch or shortly after, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Hungary should be connected. In the medium term all European road, tunnel and bridge tolls should be able to be paid via the DKV BOX EUROPE.