DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

14.11.2018 back press release

DKV Euro Service expands supply network in Germany

150 additional Aral-stations added to the DKV supply network, network coverage increases to 92%

DKV Euro Service customers can now use their DKV CARD to pay for fuel and vehicle-related accessories at 150 additional Aral stations in Germany. The supply network of DKV in Germany now includes 13,200 stations, which equals a network coverage of around 92%. The Aral stations can be found both via the DKV APP and the complimentary route planner DKV MAPS.

“It’s our aim to offer our customers the highest service levels in the industry. A high network coverage of stations where the DKV CARD can be used is an important part of this strategy,” says Neil White, Team Manager UK at DKV Euro Service. “With these additional 150 conveniently located Aral stations we have been able to further increase the attractiveness of our supply network.”