DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

13.03.2019 back press release

DKV BOX EUROPE approved for Germany

Approval already granted for Belgium / Field trials under way for Austria

The DKV BOX EUROPE, through which all relevant tolls in Europe can be invoiced in the future, is approved for Germany. The approval is subject to the final agreement of the German Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG). “We are delighted that our EETS box solution for the German toll system has now been approved. This means we are fully on track," says Jürgen Steinmeyer, Director of Toll at DKV Euro Service. “We are particularly grateful to our customers, who gave us so much support during the test phase.”

Every link in the process chain – from the functioning of the DKV BOX EUROPE itself, to its installation and operational performance, right up to correct data transmission and invoicing – came through the tests successfully. Additionally, the DKV BOX EUROPE is currently undergoing field trials for the Austrian toll system. Approval for use on Belgian motorways and national roads was granted in December 2018.