DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

02.10.2019 back press release

Afterpay for Serbian toll now possible with DKV

DKV Euro Service offers after pay process for toll billing in Serbia

DKV Euro Service will be the first fuel and service card provider to offer the post-pay process for the truck toll in Serbia from 1 October 2019 onwards as the provisional starting date. Drivers will then be able to use the fast lanes and no longer have to stop and get out of their vehicle. Invoicing takes place electronically and retroactively after the toll transaction. Up to now, drivers have had to settle the toll charges before their journey.

Users can pick up their post-pay toll box at the border crossing as they enter Serbia. All they have to do is present their DKV CARD and vehicle registration certificate. Once this is done, the driver receives the OBU, which is then configured at the issuing point for the specific customer. Starting on the aforementioned date, all the toll transactions made by the customer in Serbia are handled by this box and are invoiced monthly through DKV. In terms of transport logistics, Serbia is an important transit country. International transporters pass through the Balkan state, for example when they drive to central or northern Europe from Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania or Hungary, or to southern Europe from Russia.