DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

03.07.2020 back press release

Telematics: New DKV Live Portal with real-time data

DKV LIVE offers Track&Trace and Estimated Time of Arrival services according to driving and rest times / Efficient route and fuel stop planning / LIVE Portal with real-time data

With DKV LIVE, the mobility service provider DKV will soon be launching a fully-fledged telematics system with numerous additional functions on the market. Track&Trace and Estimated Time of Arrival Services offer users real-time transparency along the supply chain - taking into account the driver's individual driving and resting times. DKV LIVE also offers efficient route planning based on high-quality map material from Here. The route planning considers the fill level of the truck and any customer-specific discounts when selecting the closest and cheapest petrol station.

All you need to do is connect a box the size of a packet of tissues to the FM (Fleet Management Interface) in the vehicle. This provides the necessary information, which can then be passed on and processed via the cloud. All data can be viewed in real time via the DKV LIVE Portal. "DKV LIVE establishes digital solutions, which we already know as standard in the B2C sector, now also in the B2B segment for our customers," says Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV Mobility. "This includes real-time tracking of deliveries and fleets, for example. On this basis, new services such as the exact determination of the estimated time of arrival can significantly