DKV Card Security

DKV CARD Security

DKV CARD Security

Various security features of the DKV CARD minimise the risk of improper use of the fuel card and enhance control of its use.

Informationen zur Kartensicherheit

Maximum card security thanks to card pin code

A four-digit personal identification number (PIN code) ensures you maximum security when using the DKV CARD, A specific or individually determined fleet PIN-code can be selected as an alternative to a system-generated PIN-code.

Card user restrictions bring additional security

The DKV CARD can be configured with various limits and levels of service. Purchase amounts per fuel card can be limited on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, for instance. Apart from improved cost control this also means minimisation of the risk of misuse.

Mailing options

Your DKV CARD can be mailed to you according to your requirements: e.g. express delivery or delivery to an alternative address. We will find an individual solution for you.

Individual limitation of DKV CARD services

As the DKV CARD has two service levels you can easily and conveniently control the service spectrum of the fuel and service card. These levels are:

RC 30 (Service Level 30)

Individuelle Beschränkung

RC 90 (Serice Level 90):

Advantages of the DKV CARD

Play it safe in case of loss

Lost DKV CARDs can be quickly blocked at any time v ia our 24/7 service line
+ 49 221 82779697. In the protected customer area, DKV customers also have access to a card blocking form.

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Safety recommendations

Protect your card and PIN


DKV CARD transfer receipt (PDF)

Online blocking form