CO₂-neutral with the DKV CARD CLIMATE

Business partners are increasingly demanding proof of how a company handles its CO₂ emissions. Starting immediately, DKV customers can offset their CO₂ emissions by 100%. DKV Euro Service offers a climate-neutral fuel card in the DKV CARD CLIMATE. And with this card, your fleet runs 100% CO₂-neutral.

A small contribution makes a big difference – the DKV CARD CLIMATE

A positive eco-balance creates a clear competitive advantage and strengthens your company’s brand. To display this commitment to the outside world, DKV Euro Service and myclimate are offering customers a certification scheme. These certificates confirm the complete offsetting of your CO₂ emissions as a result of you investing an additional amount per litre in certified climate protection projects.

CO₂-neutral en route
Certification through our partner myclimate underlines the complete offsetting of your CO₂-emissions. myclimate is a world-leading provider of offsetting schemes and meets the highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo).

Fill up anywhere
With over 100,000 acceptance points in more than 40 countries, you have access to the largest supply network in the industry. You can use more than 13,000 fuel stations in Germany, of which 6,500 are low-price stations with attractive price discounts.

Quick and easy fuel card management
In the login-area, you have full transparency across all your transactions 24/7 with our extensive analysis tools. You can also set limits, block or place customer orders for cards.

Professional mobility advice
Always honest, individualised and, above all, free-of-charge customer advice offered by a designated contact partner – enjoy all the benefits of DKV Best-in-Class advice. Your contact partner can also advise you on all other DKV products.

klimaneutrale Tankkarte

You recharge e-vehicles and wish to offset your emissions? No problem with the DKV CARD CLIMATE + CHARGE.

As well as the purchase of conventional fuels, the DKV CARD CLIMATE +CHARGE also allows you to recharge your e-vehicles at more than 100,000 charging points.

  • CO2-neutral en route
  • Refuel at over 92% of all fuel stations in Germany
  • Also recharge at more than 100,000 charging points
  • An invoice ready for the tax office
  • High security through PIN protection and online authorisation
  • Order, block, limit cards – quickly and easily online, 24/7
Klimakarte  und Strom tanken

How does CO2 offsetting work?

You pay us a CO2 surcharge, which we calculate based on your actual consumption and collect it in your invoice. We pass on the whole of this amount in your name to myclimate Deutschland.

How much will it actually cost me?
The CO₂ offsetting surcharges are as follows: diesel 1.33 cent per litre, petrol 1.25 cent per litre, LPG 0.83 cent per litre, CNG 1.42 cent per kilogram.

A small contribution for a great cause.

Find out more about myclimate Deutschland GmbH

Would you also like to profit from all these DKV advantages?

  • The largest fuel station network in Europe: Shell, JET, Aral, Esso and many more.
  • No minimum purchase quantity – no minimum fleet size
  • Fill up cost-effectively at over 6,500 low-price fuel stations
  • 11,000 service partners for repairs, tyres, recovery, towing, rental service and much more

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