DKV fuel cards – all-round service for your vehicle fleet

A fuel card makes bookkeeping easier in any business and starts with the first vehicle. Whether it is a truck, coach, transporter or company car, the DKV CARD works like a credit card and gives you access to cash-free refuelling and vehicle-related services. In addition, you gain other attractive benefits of advantage to you in running your fleet:

  • Invoicing service: You receive an invoice ready for your tax adviser, relieving you of the tiresome task of collecting fuel receipts
  • Vehicle services such as tyres, repairs and cleaning
  • Secure parking facilities for trucks and cars
  • Your own customer account for managing your cards
  • Easy settlement of all tolls if needed

If you lose your card, that’s also no problem. You can simply order a new card after blocking the lost one. Safety measures such as PIN codes and limit controls protect you from card misuse. Find out more about card security. Do you travel throughout Europe? No problem, we have summarised our services per country for you.

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Our classic: the DKV CARD
Covers fuel, tolls & and many other services

  • No joining fee, no annual charge, no minimum sales volume
  • An invoice ready for the tax office
  • High security through PIN protection and online authorisation
  • Order, block, limit cards – quickly and easily online, 24/7

Do you want climate-neutral fuelling or more services? We have the perfect card ...

The climate card:
Be CO2-neutral en route

You can offset up to 100% of your CO2 emissions and contribute to worldwide carbon neutrality.

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Wheter reporting, routing, parking or emergency services - with the DKV Card you get all services you need to keep moving forward.

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Fuel Card FAQ – Everything about the DKV Card

A fuel card makes bookkeeping easier for any commercial organisation because it does away with the need for continually collecting and processing fuel station receipts. You receive an “accountant-ready” invoice, which you simply pass to the appropriate person.

Reduced administration costs, simple bookkeeping, full cost overview of all vehicles, cash-free refuelling across the whole of Europe.

Getting a fuel card is worthwhile even if you operate just one vehicle because it will finally put an end to you having bits of paper everywhere. With DKV, of course, there is no minimum sales volume, therefore it makes no difference whether or not you use the card.

Anyone in business can apply for a fuel card.

Unfortunately not, DKV’s products and services are available to businesses only.

The card works like a credit card except that you don’t need any additional vouchers or receipts for your tax accountant. You simply pay for your petrol or other services (tariff-dependent) at acceptance points in our network. Afterwards, you will receive a consolidated invoice, which we debit from your account by SEPA every xx weeks.

You receive an invoice every XX weeks from DKV. The invoice contains all the transactions, which are listed according to registration plate or driver. We then debit the invoiced amount from your account using a SEPA mandate. This results in additional liquidity for you. You can look over all the transactions and administer your cards in your personal area on our website.

Yes. In your personal area, you can set limits for or block any or all of your cards. Of course, you can also do this by our 24-hour hotline (+49 800 358 358 3).

There are various pricing models and cards that cover a range of services. Do you refuel conventional and recharge electric vehicles? Then the DKV CARD +CHARGE is the right one for you. For most companies operating regionally, there is e.g. the NOVOFLEET Card, which starts at EUR 2.99 per month. We would be pleased to give you a customised offer. (Link to contact form)

With more than 52,000 fuel stations across Europe, DKV has the industry’s largest supply network, which includes branded fuel stations, such as Shell, Aral and Total, as well as low-price and independent fuel stations. Acceptance is usually indicated on the pump or by a DKV sign at the fuel station.

At over 52,500 fuel stations in Europe, including Shell, Aral, Total, Jet and many low-price fuel stations. Just look out for the signs with our logo on them.

The DKV card can be ordered quickly and easily in our online shop (place Shop URL here). Alternatively, we would be pleased to call you back to answer any remaining questions. (Link to contact form)

Every card has a PIN, which you can choose yourself. In the event of loss or misuse, you can immediately block the card, either online via the customer login or by calling our hotline. You can also set a separate limit for each card.

We would be delighted to provide an offer individually tailored to you and your requirements.

Yes. You can use the card to purchase vehicle washes and many other services from DKV’s partners. (URL services)

Yes. In your login area, you can manage, block, set limits and receive an overview of transactions for all your cards.

Yes, each card is secured by a PIN, which you can set yourself.

You can see the latest fuel prices on our web site (diesel prices). A detailed listing per country is available in your login area.

As soon as the notification of theft is received by us, you are relieved of liability in accordance with our GT&C. At that point, we immediately put a block on your card. Unless the PIN is known, the card cannot be used.


Möchten Sie auch von den DKV Vorteilen profitieren?

  • Das größte Tankstellennetz Europas: Shell, JET, Aral, Esso, uvm.
  • Keine Mindestabnahme – keine Mindestflottengröße
  • Günstig tanken an über 6.500 Niedrigpreistankstellen
  • 11.000 Service-Partner für Reparatur, Reifen, Bergen, Abschleppen, Mietservice uvm.

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