Tolls in Germany

What you need to know about the truck toll in Germany

Tolls in Germany

Germany imposes distance-based tolls on motorway use by all trucks as from 7.5 t maximum gross weight, payable to tolls operator Toll Collect. German toll amounts depend on:

In addition to motorways, toll charges also apply on the use of ca. 4,700 km of other traffic roads.

An overview of toll roads, current toll tariffs as well as other information is available via the Toll Collect website.

You can pay the toll charges in Germany automatically using one of the operator Toll Collect's On-Board Units (OBU) or over the Internet or with the DKV CARD at the toll terminal.

Settlement options for toll in Germany

Use of the Toll Collect OBU

The fully electronic toll network records the kilometres actually covered. The charges incurred are subsequently settled with the DKV invoice.

Manual toll booking by way of Toll Collect Internet login

Log in on the Toll Collect internet website and pay your truck tolls in arrears, quickly and easily through DKV. Pre-registration for German tolls via DKV is required for this purpose.

Use of the toll terminal

Use the Toll Collect Card or the DKV CARD when paying at the toll terminal.


Billing of each period is transparent, practical, and clear. The account statement and DKV invoice specifications fully correspond to the toll statement of Toll Collect.

Apply for the DKV CARD now

Enjoy the comprehensive advantages of DKV

Maximum security in all your toll transactions

As DKV always guarantees your toll payments to Toll Collect, there is no "limit problem".

Prime service

DKV Euro Service supports you in registering your vehicles.

Retaining overview

DKV proof of service records the vehicle-related cost-centres kept by DKV. Your electronic proof of service is delivered by email, in either ASCII or CSV format.

Fleet management with DKV eREPORTING

This online service provides you with all relevant DKV IDs, clearly structured reports, individual toll analyses and an overview of all your toll transactions distances covered. And individual Toll Collect trip statements can be analysed in CSV format.