Important tips regarding Viapass Belgium

Important tips regarding Viapass Belgium

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What vehicles will be subject to toll charges?

All trucks with a permissible total weight exceeding 3.5 t, whether Belgian or foreign, on the road network in Belgium will be subject to toll charges.

What vehicles are exempt from the toll?

The following vehicles are not subject to toll charges:

Only vehicles used for goods transport are subject to toll charges. In other words, vehicles intended for transporting people (cars, coaches, camper vans and motor homes etc.) are not subject to toll charges.

What can be used to pay the toll in Belgium?

All trucks with a permissible total weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must be fitted with a functioning on-board unit (OBU).

How can I order an on-board unit?

You can order on-board-units quickly and easily using the new DKV online tool. DKV will do the rest for you, including registration with the toll operator Satellic.

How is an OBU installed?

Simply follow the steps in the brief instructions supplied with your OBU to install the unit. If you wish to read the instructions in advance, you can find details of the installation process on the Satellic website. The indicator lights on the OBU must be green before you can drive on Belgian roads.

How can I test my OBU?

Satellic asks all customers to activate their on-board units (OBU) in order to test that they are working properly. To test an OBU, it must be switched on in an EU country (27 EU member states + Switzerland). The OBU must have GPS reception and GSM coverage.

1. Switch on the OBU by pressing the tick button (button in the middle)
2. The screen shows the word “Starting” and then the Satellic/Viapass logo
3. The OBU indicator light flashes red and the screen displays “Not ready”
4. Put the OBU down and do not move it for at least 15 minutes
5. The OBU enters the standby mode (black screen), the indicator light no longer illuminates red
6. Activate by pressing the tick button (button in the middle)
7. The start screen appears again (Satellic/Viapass logo)
8. The OBU indicator light flashes green, the OBU shows the vehicle registration number and the amount EUR 0.00

You can find more information at the operator’s (Satellic) website.

How is an OBU activated if it is not permanently installed in a vehicle?

If an OBU is not permanently installed or connected to the ignition system, it must be activated as described below during use. Activate by pressing the tick button (button in the middle).

Vehicle being driven:

Stationary/parked vehicle:

How can I purchase a Eurovignette for the remaining countries?

With the introduction of the Belgian toll, the Eurovignettes that were used up to that time are now invalid in Belgium. Eurovignettes continue to be necessary for journeys in the remaining Eurovignette countries Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden.

These can be purchased at more than 550 points of sale (POS).

To avoid extended waiting times at the points of sale (POS), you can order your Eurovignette quickly and easily on the DKV website .

What criteria are used to calculate the new toll in Belgium?

The tariff is based on four parameters:

  1. Number of kilometres driven
  2. Road type
  3. zulässiges Gesamtgewicht
  4. EURO emission class

Is there a table of the current prices?

Different toll tariffs apply in each of the three regions (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels)..

How much is the security deposit per OBU?

A security deposit of EUR 135 must be paid for each OBU. The security deposit is refunded upon return of the OBU.

Are checks carried out? What happens if they find a vehicle without an OBU?

Viapass carries out checks in cooperation with the three Belgian regions. High fines await anyone driving a vehicle without an active OBU on board.

The fine for anyone found not complying with the Belgian truck toll regulations in any one of the three regions is normally EUR 1,000.