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All vehicles are required to collect tolls to use an OBU for the closed and open system, or a magnetic card for the closed system.

The toll system is based on the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) technology. As soon as the vehicle passes under a tollgate, a signal sounds and the toll amount for the driven section of the route is deducted automatically.

Toll collection is performed in closed and open toll collection systems.

The Post Pay OBU can be used on all toll routes in Serbia, regardless of whether this is a closed or open toll system.

The main directions “Subotica-Belgrade-Niš-Dimitrovgrad”, “Belgrade-Niš-Presjevo”, “Belgrade-Kuzmin” and “Belgrade-Sid-Batrovci” are also covered.

At the opening of further toll motorway sections, the Post Pay OBUs are automatically connected to the new route.


To the tariffs

Vehicle Categorization/Toll Pricelist

Vehicle Categorization is conducted based on the following characteristics:

  • Number of axles (wheels),
  • Vehicle height at the first axle, measured vertically from the pavement,
  • Total height of the vehicle,
  • Vehicle mass
  • 1
  • Registration via DKV is impossible
  • Registration on POS:

The driver needs vehicle registration documents and his DKV Card.

Customer must sign a form filled by POS operator.

At POS. One OBU per one DKV card/ per one vehicle issued.

Customers Service Points / POS "JUGOEXSIM doo" in Serbia are mostly located at border crossings.

Services at POS:

  • Information about the toll system
  • Checking the account balance, receiving the transaction list
  • Registration, opening or closing of the OBU account (Post Payment)
  • Obtain an OBU
  • Issue or replacement of an OBU, which are acquired at POS "Gradina", "Batrovci", "Horgoz", "Preševo" or “Beograd”
  • Dealing of complaints
  • The change the data at the Post Pay-OBU, which are acquired at POS "Gradina", "Batrovci", "Horgoz", "Preševo" or Beograd
POS Tel. Adress e-Mail open
Gradina +381 11 7138 711 18320 Dimitrovgrad, Gradicar bb, Serbia gradina01@jugoexsim.com all day
Batrovci +381 11 7138 711 22240 Granicni Prelas Batrovci, Serbia batrovci01@jugoexsim.com all day
Kelebija 01 +381 11 7138 711 24104 Granični Prelaz, Terminal. Kelebija,bb, Serbia horgos01@jugoexsim.com all day
Preševo +381 11 7138 711 17523, Granixni Prelas Presevo,bb Serbia presevo01@jugoexsim.com all day
(„GENEX" building)
+381 11 7138 711 11070 Narodnih heroja 43,
Beograd, Serbia
office@jugoexsim.com 9 AM until 5 PM
Monday to Friday

One OBU per one DKV card/ per one vehicle issued.

On Board Unit (OBU), Modell TRP- 4010

Dimensions of the OBU: 63 * 40 * 10 mm, weight about 15 g. The OBU has a built-in battery. A connection to an external power source is not required.

Invoice alt

After a successful registration (see point 4), OBUs are available at Customer Service Points. The activation fee of 3500 RSD (about 29 EUR) (plus 20% VAT) for the OBU must be paid locally.

The customer can pick up his OBU at a POS (CP, DP and BDP) immediately after successful registration. Delivery of the OBU to the customer is not possible.

The payment of the toll takes place via a post-pay contract.

The DKV standard invoice to customers is always on the 15th and last day.


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