What you need to know about the toll in Slovenia

What you need to know about the toll in Slovenia

ATTENTION: New toll system in Slovenia to start from 1 April 2018!

Toll operator DARS is going to replace the present toll system in Slovenia by a gateless system called DarsGo. Every vehicle over 3.5 tonnes permitted total weight will then require a vehicle-specific toll box (OBU)! All vehicles will have to be re-registered for the new toll system.

Register now through DKV and receive your toll boxes for Slovenia in time for the toll start:

Toll boxes and pick-up codes are delivered from January 2018.

Should you not have your DKV contact’s details to hand, you can obtain them from the DKV branch office responsible for your region.

If you do not yet have a DKV CARD, you will need to obtain one.

Invoicing toll in Slovenia until 31 March 2018

A toll is collected for using the motorways and the Karawanken Tunnel in Slovenia.

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes permissible total weight, the toll is paid at toll booths according to use – either by post- or pre-payment using the on-board unit (OBU), the DARS Card or using the DKV CARD on individual passages.

For vehicles up to a permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes, the Slovenian toll is collected using a vignette and is therefore time-related. Vignettes are available at all Petrol motorway fuel stations or DARS toll booths and can be purchased using the DKV CARD.

The tariff tables published by the operating company DARS for the use of routes subject to toll charges apply: Toll routes in Europe

Payment options for vehicles over 3.5 t Post-pay process


With an OBU, the toll is charged completely electronically when driving through the toll booths.

At the moment, however, no new ABC OBUs are available from the toll operator DARS. Therefore only existing pre-pay OBUs can be converted to post-pay at any DARS toll booth on presentation of your DKV CARD. Customers who have used their pre-pay OBU with other fuel card providers can also simply switch to DKV.


The DARS Card can also be used for the post-payment process with DKV.

The cards can be purchased on the DARS website or at any DARS toll booth. Existing DARS Cards can be converted from pre-payment to post-payment at any DARS toll booth if a DKV CARD is presented.

Payment options for vehicles over 3.5 t - Pre-pay process

Pre-pay process

The ABC OBU and the DARS Card can also be used on a pre-pay basis and loaded at the toll booths using the DKV CARD.

Toll operator’s rebate (in the pre-pay process)

Loaded credit Discount
60 EUR - 210 EUR 1%
> 210 EUR 3%
> 400 EUR 5%

The discount is effective as soon as you credit a card. A maximum of EUR 407.- per day can be loaded onto a DKV CARD.


DARS Card – important information

ABC OBU – important information

Please note: New ABC OBUs are no longer being issued, existing ABC OBUs can continue to be used or transferred to another vehicle. This requires a transfer of registration at DARS.

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