Tolls in Switzerland

What you need to know about the truck toll in Switzerland

Switzerland charges its LSVA ("performance-related heavy vehicle fee") on the use of roads by all trucks and trailers with a total weight exceeding 3.5 t.

The LSVA amount is calculated on the following basis:

Maut Schweiz
Charge category Euro norm Rate
1 Euro 0, I and II 3.10 Rappen/tkm
1 Euro II with soot particle filter 2,79 Rappen/tkm
2 Euro III 2,69 Rappen/tkm
2 Euro III with soot particle filter 2,42 Rappen/tkm
3 Euro IV and V 2,28 Rappen/tkm
3 Euro VI 2,05 Rappen/tkm

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