Tunnel charges

What you need to know about the tunnel charges

Tunnel charges

At the tunnels listed in the following, tunnel fees can be settled with the DKV CARD. In addition, the tolls for the Liefkenshoek Tunnel in Belgium, the Warnow Tunnel in Rostock and the Herren Tunnel in Lübeck can be paid with the DKV BOX.

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Registrierung Maut Polen
Tunnel between
Grand St.Bernard Tunnel Martigny/CH Aosta/ I
Herrentunnel   Lübeck/ D
Karawankentunnel Villach/ A Jesenice/ SLO
Liefkenshoek Tunnel   Antwerpen/ B
Mont Blanc Tunnel Le Fayet/ F Aosta/ I
Túneles de Artxanda Bilbao/ E  
Túnel del Cadí Barcelona/E Andorra/AND
Tunnel Fréjus Chambéry/ F Torino/ I
Túneles de Vallvidrera Barcelona/E  
Warnowtunnel   Rostock/ D
Arlberg Straßentunnel   S 16 / A
Felbertauernstraße   Osttirol / A

Special tolls apply to the following road tunnels on the Austrian motorway network. Vehicles > 3.5 t are billed through the GO-Maut system. Vehicles < 3.5 t can pay these special tolls using the DKV CARD.

Exception: Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel passages can also be paid with the DKV CARD, they require pre-booking:

Upon arrival at the tunnel check-in, the customer and the vehicle are identified on the basis of the vehicle license plate, which is compared to the reservation.

In addition, the driver may present his booking confirmation, and must submit the vehicle registration certificate and national ID card or driver's license upon request.

Access to the tunnel is given after positive verification.

IMPORTANT: Passages must be be booked not earlier than seven days and not later than 48 hours in advance.

For further information about Eurotunnel passages see Eurotunnel.


As well as the currently available payment option, the DKV CARD, the toll for the Westerschelde Tunnel in the Netherlands can also be paid with an on-board unit (OBU) by the post-payment method. It can be ordered from DKV’s partner tolltickets. All vehicles are subject to toll charges.

The “t-tag” OBU is not permanently assigned to a specific vehicle and is rented by the customer from DKV.

Operator Movenience’s OBU

Operator Movenience’s OBU

Tunnel toll – tariff overview

Category Car Car with trailer > 6 m Truck, coach ≤ 12 m Truck > 12 m Motorcycle
Standard tariff (DKV CARD) €5.00 €7.45 €18.20 €25.00 €2.50
t-tag (OBU) €3.80 €5.70 €13.90 €19.00 €2.50
Frequent driver discount from 150 journeys per year €3.05 €4.55 €11.15 €15.25 €2.00

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