DKV ECO TRUCKER – the fuel-saving app for your navigation device

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Up to 15% less fuel costs,
100% more driver motivation

How can the cost structure of your truck fleet be improved? How do you motivate your drivers to adopt economical driving and smart refuelling? Quite simply – with the new DKV ECO TRUCKER app for the TomTom Bridge navigation device.

The app shows the driver the quickest possible route to the least expensive fuel station and gives tips on smart ways to save costs.

DKV ECO TRUCKER runs on TomTom Bridge navigation devices and on TomTom Telematics PRO 8275 driver terminals. The app is scheduled to be available in Germany in Q4 2019. International roll-out is planned to take place successively for 2020.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduced operating costs and wear on your truck fleet
  • Takes into account customer-specific fuel prices in Germany
  • Real-time support to enable drivers to refuel and drive economically
  • Driver motivation through a rewards system



  • Live display of driver-specific driving behaviour such as acceleration, speed, braking
  • Drivers collect status points for rankings and reward points for the online shop
  • Individualised tips for improving driving behaviour


  • Display and categorisation of service stations based on individual DKV customer terms and conditions (premium version)
  • Navigation to the least expensive fuel station
  • Service station type filter (truck stop/motorway)
  • Drivers collect status points for rankings and reward points for the reward shop


  • Display and comparison of individual driver behaviour in driver rankings
  • Collection/unlocking of badges
  • Redeem collected reward points against rewards in the online shop

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