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The services accessible using the DKV CARD are also available for car drivers and car fleets. Numerous parking facilities allow cars to be safely and securely left off road.

In many places, you can now compare car park and parking garage charges for cars using your DKV CARD or on-board unit (toll box). Working with some of the largest car park and parking garage operators, we can now offer our customers an extensive service network of easily accessible and safe car parks and parking garages in city centres and close to airports. We offer simple and cash-free payment solutions and provide an efficient and transparent overview of all your parking costs in your DKV invoice.

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From today, you can book your parking space online with our partner TravelCar. What’s more, as a DKV customer you’ll receive 10% discount on your reservation.

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PKW-Parkplätze DKV

All car parks can be found using DKV MAPS. DKV's route planner is available free of charge and has intelligent filters to allow drivers to search directly for car parks or car parking garages and thus find the most suitable parking option for cars and car fleets. You can also filter the results by validation objects, i.e. DKV CARD or on-board unit.

Using these filters, you can find out whether parking at a specific car park can be settled using the DKV CARD, a toll box or either of these possibilities. In addition to DKV MAPS , there is the free DKV APP , with which you can also search for car parks. Fleet management made easier by DKV.

In addition to car parking garages, underground and surface level car parks, DKV Euro Service offers an extensive network of unmonitored and monitored, secure truck parks .

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