Value added tax calculator

Calculate value added tax refunds online*

Use our model calculator to obtain a non-binding estimate of your value added tax refund. Simply enter the toll and fuel costs you have incurred abroad and the value added tax calculator works out the possible refund per country. If you would like to know the total amount of all your refunds, you can also consider the costs cumulatively.

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* The value added tax calculator estimates the possible value added tax refund that you could receive from each service country. This calculator is provided as a non-binding calculation tool. DKV Euro Service provides no guarantee of the accuracy or correctness of the information. The amounts indicated do not take into account any fees charged by DKV.

** The term "service country" describes countries in which you have no company domicile and in which you have purchased DKV Euro Service goods and services, irrespective of whether you are registered for value added tax there. Please note that because of country-specific VAT regulations, VAT may not be charged in some service countries.