I want to become a DKV partner

DKV Partnership, good sign for great success

You too can profit from over 200,000 potential customers

Whether you’re a fuel station operator, vehicle recovery contractor, garage owner or tyre dealer: become part of the biggest brand-independent service network in the industry. We send you our customers for you to make the sale!

We are there for you. Providing security! As a DKV Euro Service partner, you benefit from the highest degree of security. As well as compliance with internationally accepted security standards, for you this means: we settle the customer’s bill and can be reached 24/7 if you have any questions!

DKV Card Akzeptanzpartner

Your benefits as an acceptance partner

  • Increased sales through membership of the largest supply network in the industry
  • Profit from being a supplier to over 200,000 customers
  • Potential customers find you in the DKV station finder or our app
  • As a fuel station operator, vehicle recovery contractor or garage owner – you can concentrate on your core competence

Let people find you – in the DKV station finder

Keep your station data up to date in the DKV station finder and make it easy for customers and truck drivers to find your business! Simply fill out the fuel or service station questionnaire and send it to the address shown.

Questionnaire for fuel station operators

Service station questionnaire

Ordering DKV signs, stickers and DKV guidelines for fuel stations

Ordering DKV signs, stickers and DKV guidelines for service stations


Any questions? We have the answers

It's quite simple! Just contact us – by telephone, e-mail or online using our contact form at www.dkv-euroservice.com.

In addition, you must meet the technical requirements by having a payment terminal suitable for accepting the DKV CARD. The payment terminal is valid for the payment of the usual fuel station products in the following product groups: fuel and additives, lubricants, vignettes and road tolls, accessories and services including vehicle cleaning and parking. We are happy to help you.

  • Details of your products/services
  • Number of stations (network size)
  • Name and address of your company
  • A contact person in case of any questions (name, e-mail, telephone number)
  • Value added tax registration number (VAT ID)

Purchases are billed electronically using a terminal suitable for the DKV CARD. The terminal can handle payments for diesel, petrol and additives, vehicle washing and cleaning services, parking, vehicle-related accessories, lubricants, domestic road tolls and vignettes. The transactions are automatically sent to us. Settlement takes place every 14 days and you receive your payment through DKV.

Transactions for repair services, recovery and towing vehicles, and sales of spare parts are billed manually. You obtain approval by visiting dkv-authorization.com or by telephoning the Service Line +31 252 463213 or from UK +49 800 31 60 465. You create an invoice; we check it against the approval application, and you receive your money from us.

Being a partner is free of charge! There are no acceptance or membership fees! DKV receives only a fixed, agreed percentage from you based on your sales to DKV customers.

  • After your details have been checked, you will receive an offer from us with all the information about your partnership and DKV CARD acceptance.
  • Once we have received your response to our offer and information about your chosen terminal provider, we will send you the contract documents.
  • You then send the signed contract documents back to us for further processing.
  • You will receive your DKV partner number and DKV service station number, which you should give to your provider/terminal operator (this does not apply to companies that offer repair, recovery and breakdown services or exclusively non-electronically invoiceable products and services).
  • As soon as you have joined our network and the terminals are configured, your stations become live in our system and can be visited by our customers.