DKV eINVOICING: For simpler and more efficient accounting

The new invoice of the DKV Euro Service has many advantages. It allows you to organise your invoices more efficiently, it contains more detailed information and the new copy protection makes it more secure. What's more, invoices are sent out more quickly and based on needs. A fleet report and practical invoice links to DKV MAPS provide more customer benefits.

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DKV COCKPIT: the central customer account

The DKV COCKPIT by DKV is an extensive self-management tool that allows customers to book products online.

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DKV MAPS: Planning reliability for successful transports.

You can use DKV MAPS for fleet management to look for the DKV stations along your route and have them clearly displayed. You will receive separate cost estimates for toll, fuel and CO₂. You can also create your own POIs based on address or geographical coordinates.

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Planning reliability for successful transports.
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DKV eREPORTING: Simplifies fleet analysis.

DKV eREPORTING gives you full control over your fleet's key figures. You have access to all DKV transactions not yet invoiced and to all cleared DKV transactions from the past three months. DKV eREPORTING also provides you with data about CO² emissions, average consumption and average costs and about value-added tax refunds per country for your fleet. All information can be exported in *.csv-, *.xls- or *.pdf format.

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12.04.2019 press release

E-Mobility Day 2019: DKV celebrates forthcoming market launch of all-round supply package for e-fleets

The mobility service provider DKV Euro Service yesterday celebrated the forthcoming market launch of its @home, @work and @road supply solutions for e-fleets, which will be available from June 2019, with an E-Mobility Day for all employees at its headquarters in Ratingen.

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18.03.2019 press release


In many parts of the world, when people ask for a Tempo, they mean a paper handkerchief; an Aspirin, they need a headache tablet and by Kärcher, they are referring to a pressure washer. Over time, brand names such as Tempo, Aspirin and Kärcher have become synonyms for complete product categories. DKV was elevated to this exclusive club of brands in Frankfurt recently by being selected as one of the brands of the century: a “Marke des Jahrhunderts”. Ulrich Wolter, Director of Marketing at DKV, explains in the interview how a brand becomes a brand of the century and why having a strong brand is important.

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12.03.2019 press release

DKV BOX EUROPE approved for Germany

Approval also granted for Belgium / Field trials under way for Austria

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