DKV Euro Service: Press releases & news

DKV Euro Service: Press releases & news

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Pressemitteilungen und News
10.03.2020press release

DKV toll boxes soon to be accepted on Italian motorways

Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A., concessionaire of the largest motorway network in Italy, has signed the contract for the implementation of the DKV BOX ITALIA for digital settlement of the toll for trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

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04.03.2020press release

DKV Euro Service settles new Bulgarian toll

On Board Unit, route ticket or e-vignette bookable via DKV ordering platform

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18.12.2019press release

DKV appoints Jesper Erichsen as new COO

Erichsen has many years of experience in global transportation companies

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06.12.2019press release

DKV: Hendrik Rosenboom resigns as Managing Director

Chief Digital Officer Rosenboom leaves mobility service provider at his own request.

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21.11.2019press release

“Digital solutions must focus on people”

In this interview, Dr Hendrik Rosenboom, Chief Digital Officer of the transport services provider, DKV, explains how the new digital solution DKV ECO TRUCKER contributes not only to lowering fuel costs through more efficient driving behaviour but also to more sustainable driving and higher driver motivation.

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12.11.2019press release

DKV strengthens its communication and marketing activities

Mirko-Alexander Kahre new Director of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Customer Experience from 1 December

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DKV awarded with the prize "Logistics of the Year" 2019 for the eco-friendly "ECO TRUCKER" solution

Assologistica confers the award to DKV for technological innovation and commitment to environmental sustainability issues

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07.11.2019press release

DKV Expands Its Supply Network To Include LIQVIS LNG Filling Stations

• Low emissions and toll exemption make switching to LNG increasingly attractive for transport companies

• Partnership between Liqvis and DKV increases number of LNG stations available for DKV card users to over 60 in Europe

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05.11.2019press release

Market launch: DKV BOX EUROPE available from today

The EETS OBU can settle tolls in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Herren Tunnel (Lübeck), Liefkenshoek Tunnel (Belgium) and Warnow Tunnel (Rostock) / other countries in preparation

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31.10.2019press release

"The demand for toll settlement in Serbia is very high"

DKV Euro Service is the first fuel and service card provider to offer the post-pay process for the truck toll in Serbia from 1 October 2019 onwards. Drivers will then be able to use the fast lanes and no longer have to stop and get out of their vehicle. Invoicing takes place electronically and retroactively after the toll transaction. Up to now, drivers have had to settle the toll charges before their journey. Deniz Cokcos Sezer, Managing Director DKV Turkey, talks about an exciting test phase and the introduction of a long-awaited product.

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23.10.2019press release

DKV appoints Peter Meier as new CFO

Meier joins from HERE Technologies / Many years of experience as CFO in global companies

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15.10.2019press release

DKV continues growth course through acquisitions

Acquisition of Alfa Transport Service VoF and Alfa Commercial Finance BV in the Netherlands / Strengthening and expansion of refund and financial services business units

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23.09.2019press release

DKV acquires 25 percent of VAT Services

DKV Mobility Services Group has acquired 25 percent of the Spanish company VAT Services, the Spanish market leader for international toll billing for Spanish customers.

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11.09.2019press release

DKV appoints Sebastian Hager as new Director for Strategy & Business Development

More than 13 years of expertise in leading strategic functions / Outstanding expertise in strategy development and increasing operational efficiency

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06.09.2019press release

New Czech toll system: DKV offers exclusive online registration service already now

As of now, DKV offers a convenient registration for the new Czech toll system. The new system starts 1st of December 2019. All old registrations / Onboard units of the old system are not valid anymore and have to be replaced by a the new satellite-based On-Board Units of the CzechToll and SkyToll consortium.

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05.09.2019press release

DKV appoints Jana Eggerding-Tenhagen as new Director Human Resources

More than 17 years of expertise in leading international HR functions / Outstanding expertise in developing and implementing global talent & leadership programs

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03.09.2019press release

DKV appoints Jérôme Lejeune new Managing Director Toll

Lejeune comes from VINCI and brings over 20 years of experience in the mobility and toll industry / Appreciation for former Director of Toll and Member of Management Board Jürgen Steinmeyer

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01.08.2019press release

Experience meets technology: DKV and sennder enter cooperation

Together, mobility service provider DKV Euro Service and digital forwarder sennder simplify shipping procedures in Europe.

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17.07.2019press release

New Czech toll system: DKV helps transport companies to switch

A new tolling system will be introduced in the Czech Republic on 1 December 2019. The toll boxes of the previous operator Kapsch can then no longer be used.

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28.06.2019press release

DKV awarded for digital strategy

3rd place at the Digital Leader Award 2019 / "DKV goes digital" holistic digitization project convinces jury of experts / First digital platform solution: DKV ECO TRUCKER

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14.06.2019press release

DKV BOX EUROPE approved for Austria

Germany and Belgium also connected / France, Spain, Portugal, Liefkenshoektunnel (Belgium), Warnowquerung (Rostock) and Herrentunnel (Lübeck) expected to start in autumn 2019

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05.06.2019press release

Eco Performance Award 2019: Best Eco Performers awarded at transport logistic 2019

Rigterink and Coop win in the categories "medium-sized companies" and "large companies" / RYTLE winner at "Startups" / Holland Container Innovation receives "Innovation Prize“

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20.05.2019press release

transport logistic 2019: DKV starts new platform solution DKV ECO TRUCKER

Integration into TomTom Telematics and STYLETRONIC telematics systems / Integration into Mercedes-Benz Truck App Portal in preparation / Further partners and products to be added successively

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29.04.2019press release

DKV extends supply network in Switzerland by 150 Eni brand stations

Now customers of DKV Euro Service in Switzerland can refuel at 150 additional Eni (formerly Agip) stations.

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12.04.2019press release

E-Mobility Day 2019: DKV celebrates forthcoming market launch of all-round supply package for e-fleets

The mobility service provider DKV Euro Service yesterday celebrated the forthcoming market launch of its @home, @work and @road supply solutions for e-fleets, which will be available from June 2019, with an E-Mobility Day for all employees at its headquarters in Ratingen.

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18.03.2019press release


In many parts of the world, when people ask for a Tempo, they mean a paper handkerchief; an Aspirin, they need a headache tablet and by Kärcher, they are referring to a pressure washer. Over time, brand names such as Tempo, Aspirin and Kärcher have become synonyms for complete product categories. DKV was elevated to this exclusive club of brands in Frankfurt recently by being selected as one of the brands of the century: a “Marke des Jahrhunderts”. Ulrich Wolter, Director of Marketing at DKV, explains in the interview how a brand becomes a brand of the century and why having a strong brand is important.

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12.03.2019press release

DKV BOX EUROPE approved for Germany

Approval also granted for Belgium / Field trials under way for Austria

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20.02.2019press release

DKV expands supply network in Spain by 600 filling stations

Customers of DKV Euro Service in Spain can now refuel at 600 additional filling stations. The additional filling stations are located on heavily frequented routes and at the most important hubs – both inland and near the border.

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08.01.2019press release

Online marketplace for location-centric data

HERE Technologies and DKV Euro Service form strategic partnership

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12.12.2018press release

innogy and DKV found joint venture, Charge4Europe

European-wide services for EV fleets / White-label technology services for B2B customers / Access to European-wide charging network as white-label product

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26.11.2018press release

Online Toll Services for the Baltic States

DKV offers online vignette management and toll services for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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09.11.2018press release

DKV expands supply network in Germany

150 additional Aral stations added to the supply network

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29.10.2018press release

DKV expands supply network in Austria

77 A1 stations added to the supply network

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24.09.2018press release

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: DKV and TomTom present DKV ECO BUNDLE

Fuel savings of up to 15 percent possible

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13.09.2018press release

Volkmar Link new Sales Director D-A-CH at DKV Euro Service

As of 01.10.2018, Volkmar Link (50) will assume the position of Sales Director D-A-CH at fuel and service cards provider DKV Euro Service.

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03.09.2018press release

DKV offers electronic invoice data processing

ZUGFeRD calculation avoids incorrect entries, saves time and speeds up further processing

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27.08.2018press release

DKV expands supply network in Poland by list price stations

Around 120 stations of the brands Lotos, Moya, Uniwar, Citronex and Eko Tank connected

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08.08.2018press release

DKV BOX EUROPE goes through final test phase

Toll box to be used throughout Europe shall be operational from the 4th quarter of 2018

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19.07.2018press release

DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group publishes CSR report

Energy performance stable despite employee growth / ISO 14001 certification attained / Expansion of multi-energy services

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16.07.2018press release

DKV extends acceptance network in Italy and Switzerland

DKV Euro Service has recently extended its acceptance network in Italy and Switzerland.

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29.07.2018press release

“Starting signal for our digital business”

DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group takes second place in Digital Leader Award 2018

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25.06.2018press release

DKV awarded "Best Brand 2018"

Europe's leading mobility service provider wins the title for the 14th time in a row.

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21.06.2018press release

Ludwig Meyer GmbH & Co. KG and Cargonexx GmbH win Eco Performance Award 2018

Haulage company Ludwig Meyer, the 2016 winner, picks up the Eco Performance Award again / Winner Cargonexx GmbH relies on a self-learning algorithm / Discussion on the topic “When will the great leap in vehicle charging technology arrive?”

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Extended toll in Germany: DKV recommends using Toll Collect Box

Cross-border toll boxes not ready for use on 1 July 2018 in Germany

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DKV extends sponsorship with Lutz Bernau

DKV has been sponsoring the Truck Racing Team Lutz Bernau for years. Team Manager Lutz Bernau speaks about the preparations for the season and what makes DKV so special as a sponsor.

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13.04.2018press release

Europe-wide toll settlement: DKV BOX EUROPE available from May

Convenient online ordering and toll registration / Plug and Play solution means no installation in workshop / over-the-air country configuration / manual adjustment of the number of axles / hybrid radio technology

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06.03.2018press release

innogy and DKV plan to create new player on electric-mobility market

- Mobility service provider DKV and innogy cooperate on e-mobility
- Parties sign Memorandum of Understanding to establish a joint venture
- Plans for Europe-wide public charging service

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02.02.2018press release

“We take the administrative burden off of the customer”

As of April 1st 2018, Slovenia will switch from a tollgate based to barrier-free toll system DarsGo which is obligatory for all vehicles over 3.5 tons. Matej Kranjc from toll provider DARS and Uroš Bračun, branch manager at DARS partner DKV Euro Service Slovenia, explain in an interview what transportation companies can do to ensure a gapless en route toll supply and what advantages they expect from DarsGo.

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19.02.2018press release

"Driving on the Öresund Bridge with DKV BOX REETS at least 50 percent discount"

Öresund Bridge is an important passage in Northern Europe. As part of a tolling project, the bridge toll operator has opened up his tolling system to toll service providers like DKV, thus offering a real alternative to ferry traffic. Marie Romare, Business Area Manager with Öresund and Jürgen Steinmeyer, Director Toll with DKV, on the project, its advantages to transport business in Northern Europe and its potential for Europe.

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06.02.2018press release

DKV prepares for digital business

Department set up to develop digital business models / Cooperation with start-up incubator and accelerator STARTPLATZ begins

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12.12.2017press release

A systematic approach to innovation

Students to improve the emergency breakdown call service DKV ASSIST using design thinking

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22.11.2017press release

DKV invoices new Slovenian toll

Slovenia moves to a gateless toll system from 01.04.2018 / DKV offers easy, quick registration and invoicing

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20.11.2017press release

Is your toll box EETS compliant?

Trust is good. Control is better. This also applies when obtaining a Europe-wide toll box (EETS box). Jürgen Steinmeyer (Director Toll at DKV Euro Service) explains the questions transporters should seek clarification about to be well prepared in the long term for Europe-wide toll settlement.

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27.10.2017press release

Charging network extended to France

DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group cooperates with the charging infrastructure operator Freshmile

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