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DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

19.02.2018 back press release

"Driving on the Öresund Bridge with DKV BOX REETS at least 50 percent discount"

Öresund Bridge is an important passage in Northern Europe. As part of a tolling project, the bridge toll operator has opened up his tolling system to toll service providers like DKV, thus offering a real alternative to ferry traffic. Marie Romare, Business Area Manager with Öresund and Jürgen Steinmeyer, Director Toll with DKV, on the project, its advantages to transport business in Northern Europe and its potential for Europe.

Marie Romare, why did you decide on opening up Öresund tolling system to others?

Marie Romare: We were looking for a way to make the Öresund Bridge even more attractive for transport companies. We have joined the REETS project in order to address cross-border companies. In the course of the project, we have made our toll system available for the boxes of other toll service providers such as DKV and the DKV BOX REETS.

What goals does the REETS project persecute?

Jürgen Steinmeyer: The REETS initiative aims to promote the development of the European interoperability of tolls. DKV has participated in several toll areas and offers its own DKV BOX REETS in Austria and for the bridges Öresund and Storebaelt.

How do toll service providers receive the customer's data concerning the Öresund bridge?

Marie Romare: We used a technology platform called Easy Go Hub for this purpose. The toll provider's data and the toll service provider's data are stored there only once. This saves many 1:1 interfaces and enables lean processes.

What is the customers advantage when using the DKV BOX REETS?

Jürgen Steinmeyer: Customers can cross the bridge without having to interrupt their journey and receive at least 50 percent discount. Signing up for the discount system is worthwhile from the very first transaction. The user can set up a customer account for the discounts directly on the Öresund website. He can list the affected vehicles there. DKV provides appropriate explanations and help on its website.

Do you think, the project can serve as role model?

Marie Romare: As the Easy Go Hub already technically connects a large number of toll operators and service providers, it has also become very attractive for other toll operators, as the technical effort for acceptance by other partners is reduced enormously. The Easy Go Hub platform covers already around 70 tolling systems in Scandinavia. However, the platform has already aroused the interest of the operators of country tolls.

Mrs. Romare and Mr. Steinmeyer, thank you for the interview.