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DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

02.02.2018 back press release

“We take the administrative burden off of the customer”

As of April 1st 2018, Slovenia will switch from a tollgate based to barrier-free toll system DarsGo which is obligatory for all vehicles over 3.5 tons. Matej Kranjc from toll provider DARS and Uroš Bračun, branch manager at DARS partner DKV Euro Service Slovenia, explain in an interview what transportation companies can do to ensure a gapless en route toll supply and what advantages they expect from DarsGo.

Mr. Kranjc, what is the reason behind Slovenia launching a new toll system?

Kranjc: The existing toll system has been getting on in years. We face a highly increased traffic volume that causes long queues at the tollgates. That is why Slovenia needed a state-of-the-art barrier-free – which means tollgate-free – toll system like DarsGo.

Which routes are covered by the new toll system?

Kranjc: DarsGo covers all highways as well as Karawanken tunnel.

What happens to Cards and boxes that are currently in use?

Kranjc: DARS cards and ABC toll boxes that have been used by now become invalid from April 1st 2018. Current balance will be of course paid back to the customer. As of now, users can register for the new toll system.

Mr. Bračun, what does DKV offer concerning Slovenian toll?

Bračun: DKV is coming into play when toll users face the administrative burden when registering for the Slovenian toll. We support our customers by taking this burden off of them, enabling them to concentrate on their core business: to deliver goods in good time. To ensure this, we offer a unique registration service. Vehicles that have already been registered in Slovenia via DKV will also be proposed to the customer for the new toll system. As a result, the registration effort is considerably reduced.

How does the user get his toll box?

Bračun: The user can choose between having his On Board Units (OBUs) delivered free of charge within the European union or picking it up at a preselected DARS service station.

What additional services do you offer?

Bračun: We act as a full service provider. That means, we provide our customers not only with Slovenian toll, but we offer everything that is needed for a comprehensive supply concept. For example, toll settlement in 30 European countries, a sufficient supply with fuel at over 46.000 fuel stations in the whole of Europe, tax refund und vehicle services. The customer receives only one invoice with a transparent allocation of all costs.