DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

08.08.2018 back press release

DKV BOX EUROPE goes through final test phase

Toll box to be used throughout Europe shall be operational from the 4th quarter of 2018

DKV BOX EUROPE, through which all tolls in Europe will be settled in future, is currently going through the final test phase at the Belgian toll operator Viapass. Several thousand boxes are tested by DKV customers throughout Europe. In addition to the transaction data, all processes associated with the box, such as emergencies or customer support, are controlled and tested. Spedition Vervoer Engelbosch is the first test customer in Belgium to receive its toll boxes. The transport company will initially use DKV BOX EUROPE in its vehicles for domestic traffic.

"We are very pleased to soon have a toll box covering a large number of countries. This is a great relief for the daily transport business, especially since new countries can easily be connected," says Managing Director Michel Engelbosch. DKV BOX EUROPE can be ordered online since May 2018. With the Belgian toll, the first toll can is to be recorded and settled via DKV BOX EUROPE from the fourth quarter of 2018. The German toll is expected to be activated at the beginning of 2019, followed by the so-called DSRC countries (Austria, France, Spain, Portugal) in spring 2019. Soon after that, Italy will also be connected.

DKV BOX EUROPE will also be able to pay the bridge tolls for the Öresund and Storebault bridges in Scandinavia in 2019. "Our goal is to gradually replace the on-board units already installed in the vehicle from the fourth quarter of 2019, because the user only needs one on-board unit for the whole of Europe in the medium term with DKV BOX EUROPE," says Jürgen Steinmeyer, Director of Toll at DKV Euro Service. "There is no need to replace the DKV BOX EUROPE in order to be able to charge additional country tolls."

DKV customers can conveniently register online for additional tolls and have these connected to the toll box via an over-the-air configuration. Regardless of where the vehicle is currently located in Europe.

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