DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

11.11.2019 back

DKV awarded with the prize "Logistics of the Year" 2019 for the eco-friendly "ECO TRUCKER" solution

Assologistica confers the award to DKV for technological innovation and commitment to environmental sustainability issues

DKV Euro Service - leader in cash-free fueling and toll payment across Europe - was awarded by Assologistica with the "Logistics of the Year 2019 - Environmental Sustainability category “- for the innovative DKV ECO TRUCKER platform, which aims to help reduce the cost and fuel consumption for each trip.

The DKV ECO TRUCKER is developed by DKV and its partners Sifat, Qivalon and Livemobility and is currently distributed by its partners TomTom Telematics, Daimler Fleetboard and Styletronic. It informs drivers which refueling stations in the DKV network have the cheapest fuel price - and how to get there following the more convenient route depending on their journey and also providing feedback on the driver's driving style to encourage sustainability.

DKV ECO TRUCKER can be easily tailored to the needs of individual partners and customers thanks to its modular design. Through the combination of cost-effective refueling and driving functions, fuel savings, up to 15%, can be achieved with the DKV ECO TRUCKER.

DKV ECO TRUCKER is just the newest solution in DKV's sustainable offering, which includes DKV CARD Climate, the environmentally friendly fueling card that offsets CO2 emissions, and DKV CHARGE +, the card for electric recharging. DKV offers the most extensive multi-brand and multi-fuel refueling network with over 8500 stations in Italy and 100,000 throughout Europe, which already has over 15,000 LPG and 1,200 CNG stations.

"This award demonstrates DKV's great commitment to developing innovative and user friendly solutions that help customers manage their fleets more effectively, while encouraging environmentally sustainable actions and travel styles," said Marco Berardelli, Managing Director of DKV Italy.