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DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

21.11.2019 back press release

“Digital solutions must focus on people”

In this interview, Dr Hendrik Rosenboom, Chief Digital Officer of the transport services provider, DKV, explains how the new digital solution DKV ECO TRUCKER contributes not only to lowering fuel costs through more efficient driving behaviour but also to more sustainable driving and higher driver motivation.

What prompted the development of your new platform solution DKV ECO TRUCKER?

The transport and logistics industry is facing massive challenges: rising fuel prices, a shortage of drivers and climate change demand a new way of thinking. In our view, the only truly successful digital solutions are those which focus on people and provide added value for all user groups. Therefore, the needs of hauliers, fleet managers and commercial drivers prompted us to develop DKV ECO TRUCKER. In DKV ECO TRUCKER, we have produced a digital solution that enables possible fuel cost reductions of up to 15% through a more efficient driving style, while rewarding drivers for environmentally sustainable driving – therefore causing fewer CO2 emissions – and cost-conscious refuelling.

Cost reduction and employee motivation – how do they fit together?

Quite simply by prioritising the motivation of commercial drivers because they are literally in the driving seat when it comes to fuel cost reduction. DKV ECO TRUCKER runs on the truck’s telematics system and gives the driver tips in real time on the ideal speed, braking behaviour and acceleration. The app also recommends the quickest route to the cheapest fuel station. The driver receives points for fuel savings and clever refuelling, which he can redeem for prizes in the app’s online shop.

So – you’re addressing different target groups at the same time?

Yes, DKV ECO TRUCKER represents a genuine win-win situation for drivers and transport companies. Reducing fuel costs is extremely important for company decision-makers seeking to ensure their vehicles remain cost-efficient on the road. Recognising the value of driver performance is key to success. Going hand-in-hand with the prizes, the drivers also receive recognition for their performance, which the companies themselves can set up in the reward system. DKV ECO TRUCKER contains various gamification elements such as ranking lists, which allow drivers to compare themselves against others in a light-hearted way.

On which devices does DKV ECO TRUCKER run?

At the moment, DKV ECO TRUCKER runs on all navigation devices based on the TomTom Bridge series. The app will soon be running on Daimler FleetBoard II. Telematics operators such as STYLETRONIC have integrated our app into their systems. Preparations for extending its use to further end devices such as the secondary display of the Mercedes-Benz Actros are underway.

It is planned to have DKV ECO TRUCKER running on smart phones and tablets by 2020. We have adopted a platform strategy for this product with the aim of achieving a targeted and modular expansion of the app’s functions. Further language versions are in preparation for a Europe-wide roll-out.

Environmental protection and sustainability are increasingly relevant. What overall strategy is DKV following and how do these digital solutions support CO2 reduction?

Our declared claim is to be the future “Lead in Green”. For us this means we see the energy transition as an opportunity and we, together with our partners, will actively shape its future.

Fuel stations will increasingly become multi-energy hubs offering alternative fuels, such as LNG, CNG, hydrogen and electricity, in addition to conventional fuels. Therefore, for some time now we have been investigating alternative fuel concepts so that we can advise our customers as a full-service provider and offer them the best possible en-route supply solution. To this end, we have built up our supply network to over 56,000 fuel stations in 42 countries and are adding a further 3,500 fuel stations each year, with a strong focus on alternative fuels.

DKV ECO TRUCKER feature: the app’s ECO DRIVE component gives the driver tips about sustainable driving so that CO2 emissions are reduced.

Find out more about DKV ECO TRUCKER here.