DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

DKV Euro Service: News and press releases

06.12.2019 back press release

DKV: Hendrik Rosenboom resigns as Managing Director

Chief Digital Officer Rosenboom leaves mobility service provider at his own request.

After more than four years as Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Hendrik Rosenboom will leave the management team of the DKV MOBILITY SERVICES Group, one of the leading mobility service providers in Europe, effective 31.01.2020. Rosenboom is leaving the company at his own request. Marco van Kalleveen, in his function as CEO of the DKV Group, will take over Rosenboom's duties until further notice.

CEO Marco van Kalleveen: "On behalf of the shareholders, I would like to thank Hendrik Rosenboom for his excellent work here at DKV. Over the past four years and more, Hendrik has significantly strengthened our company's ability to innovate and drive forward its digital transformation. He has brought new, digital business models for the logistics and transport industry to market maturity, modernised DKV's existing IT infrastructure and digitised and optimised key organisational processes. We therefore regret his resignation from the management board but wish him all the best in his private and professional life, and continued success for the future.

Hendrik Rosenboom, former DKV CDO: "I would like to thank all DKV employees for the support they have given me over the last few years. My objective has always been to make DKV one of the leading digital mobility service providers in addition to its core business with fuel cards and toll products. I am convinced that this strategic approach will continue to contribute to DKV's success."