The High-performance DKV Fuel Card

DKV CARD - Fuel Card Service

DKV CARD: Your fuel card to the largest supply network in the industry

Now for the fourteenth time, the DKV CARD has been selected as the Fuel Card of the Year for the commercial carriage of goods and passengers. For over 80 years, DKV has been providing a powerful fuel card for all of Europe. You too can benefit from our experience!

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Advantages of the DKV CARD

DKV INVOICE SERVICE: We help you maintain the overview

This must seem familiar to you: Invoices, receipts and similar papers pile up, creating a confusing billing mess. We help you out with the DKV INVOICE SERVICE. With our service card, you benefit from a cash-free payment process and receive transparent, vehicle-specific invoices.


DKV CARD CLIMATE: The CO₂ neutral fuel card for your business

More and more frequently, business partners are demanding proof of how a company handles its CO₂ emissions. Starting immediately, DKV customers can offset their CO₂ emissions by 100%. With the DKV CARD CLIMATE, DKV Euro Service is now offering the world's first climate neutral fuelling card. In return, your fleet will be driving 100 percent CO₂-neutral.


Security with the DKV CARD

"Safety first" also applies to your DKV CARD. Permission levels and a PIN code protect your card from misuse. If your card was lost or stolen, we will cancel it immediately.

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