DKV Billing Service: Transaction and Cost Control

DKV Billing Service: Transaction and Cost Control

DKV Billing Service

Are your bills, receipts and similar documents piling up and creating billing chaos and confusion? The DKV Billing Service clears it all up for you. Each DKV invoice clearly itemises all services used, so that costs per vehicle can be conveniently and easily assigned.

Other benefits of the DKV Billing Service

Cost transparency before actual billing

Even before actual billing , all transactions can be retrieved through DKV

Electronic billing data

On request, DKV customers can receive their invoice data in the following electronic formats (PDF, ASCII, CSV) and in either one of the following seven language versions (German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish), free of charge.


DKV Sample Invoice

Sample Invoice with comments (PDF)

SEPA Direct Debit System

DKV Euro Service uses SEPA transfers and SEPA direct debits exclusively. Before each direct debiting transaction, DKV customers will be notified by email of the required direct debit pre-notification. This purpose of this pre-notification is purely informative, so please do not respond or react.

Additional information and links

DKV SEPA Information Booklet (PDF)
Deutsche Bundesbank SEPA FAQ
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European Paymentscouncil SEPA
General invoicing rules (PDF)