CO2-neutral with the DKV CARD CLIMATE

CO₂ -neutral with the DKV CARD CLIMATE

Competitive advantage through CO₂ offset

More and more frequently, business partners are demanding proof of how a company handles its CO₂ emissions. Starting immediately, DKV customers can offset their CO₂ emissions by 100%. With the DKV CARD CLIMATE, DKV Euro Service is now offering a climate neutral fuelling card. In return, your fleet will be driving 100 percent CO₂-neutral.

This positive eco-balance provides a distinct competitive advantage and strengthens the brand of a company. In order to also display this commitment outwardly, DKV Euro Service and myclimate are offering certification. As you will be investing an additional amount into certified climate protection projects for every litre, this will attest to the complete offset of CO₂ emissions.

myclimate is one of the world's leading providers of offset measures, and fulfils the very highest standards (CDM, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo).

DKV Card Climate
DKV Card Climate

All benefits at a glance - leaps and bounds towards the goal!

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DKV climate protection projects

Klimaschutzprojekt China

In China, the traditional coal-fired ovens used in rural households are being replaced by cleaner gas ovens operated with gas from biomass systems.

Biomass ovens in China (PDF)
Klimaschutzbericht Kenia

Less wood, CO2 and soot: Kenyan-manufactured Upesi ovens help conserve the vegetation and biodiversity of the Kakamega rainforest.

Upesi ovens in Kenya (PDF)
Klimaschutzprojekt Madagaskar

Madagascar is suffering rapid and progressive deforestation. myclimate is therefore funding the introduction of climate-friendly solar ovens.

Solar ovens on Madagascar (PDF)
Klimaschutzprojekt Türkei

Renewable electricity that does not damage the climate – myclimate supports the construction of a new wind farm in Izmir, Turkey.

Wind energy in Turkey (PDF)
DKV Card Climate

More information about myclimate and the projects is available on the myclimate website.

Build a foundation for your future, score points with customers, carriers and partners, and ensure your climate neutrality with the DKV CARD CLIMATE.