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Find the lowest fuel prices throughout Europe

With its integrated fuel station finder and route planner, our comprehensive DKV MAPS service has a lot to offer. Find the closest DKV station with the lowest diesel price, a suitable garage, or plan the optimum route through Europe, all while saving money - it does not get any easier than that.

More about finding fuel stations with DKV MAPS

Country with the lowest fuel prices on your route through Europe

Varying diesel prices, different VAT and excise duty rates throughout Europe, and the differing amount of refund-eligible foreign tax amounts, all complicate the calculation of operating expenses. An intelligent combination of filling up abroad and getting VAT and fuel tax refunds creates more transparency.

Free of charge - The DKV diesel price index card

LPG, biodiesel and natural gas: Using alternative fuels

DKV is not just limited to supplying mineral-based diesel. Environmentally friendly fuels are of great importance and are becoming increasingly relevant. AdBlue for the reduction of nitrogen oxides is also becoming more important.

Alternative fuel offers in the DKV network

Tackling hidden fuel costs

Fuel costs are among the main cost items within transport & logistic firms, amongst others because of margins that are under pressure due to an increasingly competitive market. Therefore, DKV Euro Service Benelux and ING Sector Management Transport took the initiative of preparing a report focusing on fuel costs.

For example, did you know that fuel prices in Germany can be more costly depending on the time of day?

The report on our website is intended to make you aware of the many possibilities there are. We also created a calculator that shows you how your company can start saving!

Want to find how you can save on fuel costs? Read the full report or use the calculator .