Diesel price comparison in Europe

Diesel prices in Europe

The most cost-effective fuelling countries on your routes through Europe

Fluctuating diesel prices, different rates of value-added tax and excise duty in Europe, together with varying amounts of refundable foreign tax payments makes calculating the most favorable option economic costs a complicated matter.

Our diesel price tool offers greater planning certainty by allowing you to keep an eye on current and average diesel prices at all times.

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Dieselpreis-Vergleich in Europa

Find the cheapest fuel prices throughout Europe

Our comprehensive online DKV MAPS service, with its integrated fuel station finder and route planner, offers a wide range of features.

Find your the closest DKV station with the cheapest diesel price or plan your optimum route through Europe while saving costs at the same time - it couldn't be easier.


Clever combination – clever cost-saving

Designing a supply concept based on a sensible combination of fuelling transactions and flexible VAT refunds may result in additional savings. DKV offers this service for many European countries.

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