Tolls in Austria

What you need to know about the GO toll in Austria

The kilometre-based GO Maut system applies applies on Austrian motorways and traffic roads. Toll is settled with the GO-Box on-board-unit (OBU) and is charged on all trucks and buses with a total weight of 3.5 tonnes and over.

Apart from the distance travelled toll charges for vehicles with maximum allowed weights over 3.5 t depend on axle number and EURO emission class.

Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes still require a vignette. On the web portal “toll tickets” the PKW vignettes may be ordered with the DKV CARD. In addition, special tolls are charged on the following road sections:

Europe-wide billing of truck tolls with only one OBU. With the DKV BOX EUROPE, we offer you the ability to settle truck tolls throughout Europe.

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Payment options

Register for Austrian toll with DKV Euro Service and order your GO-Box directly.

1. Pre-pay-procedure

Austrian toll charges are debited electronically via the GO-Box when passing the toll station. The GO-Box is pre-loaded with a toll credit at one of the GO-Box service stations.

2. Post-pay-procedure

The fully electronic toll network records the kilometres actually covered. The toll charges are settled afterwards viathe GO-Box, simply and conveniently.

Registration for toll in Austria
Maut Österreich

Advantages of using the DKV CARD

Settle your GO Maut, Austrian toll vignettes and special tolls for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes simply and conveniently with your DKV CARD.

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As a DKV customer, you can now also use DKV TOLL MANAGER in DKV COCKPIT, the secure customer area on the DKV website, for ordering your toll products. Information about accessing DKV COCKPIT can be found on the "Customer account" page .