What you need to know about TOLL2GO

With TOLL2GO, DKV customers can also use their Toll Collect OBU for the Austrian toll roads. You will enjoy the many benefits of this cross-border OBU for Germany and Austria.

Costs of TOLL2GO

The TOLL2GO service is offered free of charge to existing customers of ASFINAG and Toll Collect. New customers – so those who are concluding the initial contract – will be charged a one-time ASFINAG processing fee of € 5.

Registierung Maut Österreich

Registration with TOLL2GO

Registration with TOLL2GO is possible only through the GO Toll self-care portal. Your DKV branch office will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding TOLL2GO.

You can also receive additional information from the ASFINAG SERVICE CENTER freephone number at 0800 400 12 400 (free of charge for calls from AT, DE, CH), or at +43 (0)1 955 12 66 (charged for calls from all other countries).

Switching to TOLL2GO

Attention: If the vehicle concerned was previously equipped with a GO Box, this box will automatically be cancelled upon activation of the Toll Collect OBU. The GO-Box must be subsequently returned to a GO sales office.