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What you need to know about the truck toll in France

The abbreviation TIS PL "Télépéage Inter-Sociétés Poids Lourds" refers to the French toll system for trucks of categories 3 and 4. Approximately 9,000 km of French motorways (PDF), several bridges and tunnels are subject to toll for all vehicles of 3.5 t and higher.

As a DKV customer, you can now also use DKV TOLL MANAGER in DKV COCKPIT, the secure customer area on the DKV website, for ordering your toll products. Information about accessing DKV COCKPIT can be found on the "Customer account" page .

Vehicle categories

There are 3 criteria that determine vehicle categories on French toll-roads:

Information on the vehicle category, pointers regarding TIS PL complaints and much more information about TIS PL can be found in the Tips on using TIS PL .

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Toll charges (PDF) in France, including the Millau, Pont de Normandie and Pont de Tancarville bridges, can be paid with either the DKV BOX or the DKV CARD. Most French toll operators allow an additional TIS PL discount (PDF) of up to 13% for using the DKV BOX.

The DKV BOX is also accepted by the toll systems VIA T in Spain and VIA VERDE/SCUT in Portugal, in the Liefkenshoek Tunnel between Antwerp and Rotterdam, in the Warnow and Herren Tunnels in Germany and at certain vehicle parks .

The nearest toll station can be found with the help of the interactive French motorway network. You will also receive traffic information real-time.

Payment options for toll in France

For frequent drivers – the DKV BOX:

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For less frequent drivers – the DKV CARD:

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