Truck tolls in Belgium

What you need to know about truck tolls in Belgium

In Belgium, a toll on vehicles with a permissible total weight of over 3.5 tonnes is collected by the satellite-based Viapass for trucks toll system.

The kilometre-based toll system applies to the existing Eurovignette route network within the regions of

and replaces the previously applicable time-based Eurovignette in Belgium.

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Billing variants

Toll fees can be settled by either

Various toll tariffs apply in the regions where tolls are operated.

Information about toll invoicing, the security deposit of the box and much more can be found at the tips at Using Viapass Belgium .

Toll calculation

The new distance-based toll will be calculated using a satellite-based On Board Unit. For this the toll operator Satellic requires a deposit of 135 EUR, which is refunded upon return of the On-Board Unit.

Installing the on-board unit

Installing the on-board unit (OBU) can be done in two ways: either by wiring it into the vehicle’s power supply (permanent installation) or by inserting the plug supplied as standard with the box into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

On-Board-Unit from provider Satellic

On-Board-Unit from provider Satellic

The following conditions must be fulfilled before a Satellic OBU can be returned through DKV:

1. The OBU is not from the Satellomat (Satellic fast-track account)
2. DKV is indicated as the business partner on the Satellic Road User Portal (RUP) (only possible with a full Satellic account).
3. The customer’s own bank details and e-mail address are indicated in the RUP.

4. The OBU is accompanied by the standard battery and the two-wire cable including the plug. (Refer to the newly amended Satellic conditions for accepting returned articles, duration of transitional arrangements unknown)
5. Customer name and DKV customer number included
6. Satellic customer number included (see Satellic invoice)
7. Vehicle registration number included

Further information about returning Satellic OBUs can be found on the Satellic website.

As a DKV customer, you can now also use DKV TOLL MANAGER in DKV COCKPIT, the secure customer area on the DKV website, for ordering your toll products. Information about accessing DKV COCKPIT can be found on the "Customer account" page .