Registration for tolls in the Czech Republic

Registration for tolls in the Czech Republic

In the post-pay procedure, toll charges are recorded and subsequently settled via the DKV CARD. This procedure is especially suitable for frequent drivers. Please complete, sign, and stamp the following forms:

Registration application (PDF)
Contact data (PDF)
Vehicle registration (PDF)
Power of Attorney (PDF)

Registrierung Maut Tschechien

Please include the following documents

Registrierung Maut Tschechien

Please send your order to your personal DKV representative. If you don´t have the contact details ready to hand, you will find them at your responsible subsidiary .

Additional ordering of OBU

To order additional OBUs, the following form must be completed:

Vehicle registration (PDF)

In addition, the following documents are required:

Please take note of the Toll Operator's General Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Just a few days after successful completion of your order, the ordered OBUs can be picked up at the distribution or contact locations.

When picking up the OBU for your first order and re-orders, you will need:

The Czech toll hotline can be reached at +420 272 6986-29.

In the case of incorrect recording of vehicle datathis can simply be changed at the nearest premid point contact location.

If your OBU is not pre-registered through DKV, you can register it at a contact point or a distribution point.

An alternative is to register directly with the DKV CARD at the premid point of contact and distribution points:

1. The OBU is available direct at city centre premid point contact locations. Settlement is either pre-pay or post-pay (=settlement afterwards):

In the Pre-Pay procedure the OBU is charged with toll credit prior to departure, and is subsequently written off.

The minimum credit amount to be loaded is 500 CZK (=ca. 15 Euro), the maximum is 15,000 CZK (=ca. 500 Euro).

The procedure requires all vehicle papers, incl. the emission class certificate, the national ID card and driver's license of the person applying, and the DKV CARD of the respective vehicle.

The Pre-pay form (PDF) must be filled out, after which the driver signs it on the spot in one of the contact locations.

For the Post-Pay procedure you are required to submit the DKV CARD of the vehicle to be registered and a copy of the vehicle documents, incl. its emission certificate.

Other requirements are the VAT ID number, a commercial register printout not older than three months and certified by the issuing authority, and the national ID card of the person signing.

The authorized signatory must sign the completed post-pay form on the spot at a premid-point contact location. (see beginning of registration)

2. The OBU is available direct at the premid point distribution locations along the motorway.

In this case, toll charges can only be settled Pre-Pay.

You will need the same documents as those required for the Pre-Pay procedure at the premid point contact locations. The Distribution points are situated directly along the motorway.

Important: The invoices of the Czech toll operators are tax-relevant receipts. If registration was performed through DKV, settlement will also be effected through DKV (the customer will not transfer the amount to the Czech Republic).

The Czech invoices indicate this by stating: "Don't pay – not a payment notice – settled by clearing!"

Return of OBUs

Pre-pay OBUs must be returned to the Point of Sale (POS) (distribution or contact points). Post-pay boxes are returned by directly handing them over at the contact points.
All OBUs for the toll in the Czech Republic can also be sent by courier with a copy of the vehicle registration plus the original myto "Claim form" (PDF) directly to the contact points in CZ.