Das müssen Sie über die PKW-Maut in Frankreich wissen

What you need to know about the Liber-t toll in France

Toll charges are collected automatically through a toll box attached to your windscreen.

The toll system is designed like the TIS PL toll in France and is based on microwave technology (DSRC).

With the Liber-t BOX, you profit from all the advantages of an electronic toll and you are assured of quickly passing through toll booths on the French motorway network without waiting and without needing a ticket (exceptions: the Fréjus and Montblanc tunnels).

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Vehicle categories

The Liber-t BOX is intended only for vehicles with a maximum permissible total weight of 3.5 tonnes. It applies to the following vehicle categories:

Vehicle categories

Much more information about Liber-t can be found in Tips on using Liber-t.

Toll routes with the Liber-t BOX

The Liber-t BOX is accepted across an extensive road network for your utmost convenience:

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