Toll in Latvia

What you need to know about the truck toll in the Baltic States

DKV customers can also use the DKV BOX or DKV CARD to charge truck toll fees in other European countries.

Your advantages as a DKV customer for the Baltic States

  • At the same time all three Baltic vignettes refer via a portal
  • The service fee is just € 0.85
  • No prepayment required

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A fee must be paid for the use of roads A1 to A18 in Lithuania. All trucks weighing more than 3.5 t and coaches with more than 8 passenger seats are subject to toll charges.
Vignettes can be purchased using the DKV CARD at border crossings and at Statoil or Lukoil fuel stations. Daily, weekly, monthly and annual vignettes are available.

For trips in the Baltics, DKV customers can purchase all three Baltic vignettes via the A-Toll portal.

More information about the Lithuanian toll can be found here


Latvia charges a motorway toll for all vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3 tonnes. The toll fees apply to about 3,500 km of roads.

The time-based charge can be paid by purchasing a daily, weekly, monthly or annual vignette .

The toll fees depend on the emission class and, in the case of vehicles weighing more than 12 t, on the number of axles. Vignettes can be purchased using the DKV CARD at fuel stations operated by various oil companies and at border points (PDF) in Latvia.

If you drive throughout the Baltics, you can purchase all three vignettes at the same time via the A-Toll web portal.


In Estonia, the use of all public roads is subject to vignette for all lorries from 3.5 t gross vehicle weight. The buses are exempt from the vignette. The time-based fee may be paid in the form of a daily, weekly, monthly, three-monthly or yearly vignette.

All three Baltic vignettes can be obtained through our partner A-Toll.

Further information about the Estonian toll can be found here