Registration for tolls in Poland

Registration for tolls in Poland

Outside Poland, viaTOLL boxes can only be ordered if orders contain 10 boxes or more. Boxes ordered in lower numbers may be picked up at the POS.

Registrierung Maut Polen

1. Fill out the customer contract

2. Registration of vehicles

Vehicle registration with help fields (PDF)
Interpretation of the vehicle papers (PDF)

The following overview can be used to determine the vehicle category:
Overview of vehicle categories (PDF)

3. Important

Assemble and include additional documentation:

4. Original documents

Attention: The same process applies to non-EU customers, yet added by the following requirements

Choose between Post-Pay and Pre-Pay contract

Use the Checklist (PDF) to verify that your registration is complete and correct.

Billing: Pre-Pay- or Post-Pay Procedure

Choose between two payment options for settling toll charges in Poland:

Registration for tolls in Poland

OBU from viaToll

Registration for tolls in Poland

Return of OBUs

Pre-pay OBUs must be returned to the Point of Sale (POS) (contact points, border distribution points and distribution points). Post-pay boxes are returned directly to DKV in Ratingen by post.

Additional orders of viaBOXes

For additional orders of viaBOXes the following forms must be completed:

You can either:


In addition, the following documents are required:

Please send your order to your personal DKV representative. If you don´t have the contact details ready to hand, you will find them at your responsible subsidiary .

Registrierung Maut Polen

Please note

The customer contract must be completed in duplicate and signed in all required fields. One version is sent to DKV, the other version is for your own records. Do not hesitate to contact your own DKV branch in case of questions! The general terms and conditions and further information can be found at: